Tourists and locals: Opportunities to enjoy the Okanagan

Go to the above link to see the artists whom will be participating in the August 2008 Open Studios Tour. It is a great way to view new works, to watch artists at work in their studios and to give visitors something interesting to do.

There is even the possibility of combining the tour with a wine tour, stopping for lunch or dinner at one of the spectacular wineries in the okanagan. Many of the artists in the valley offer classes, are open to doing commissioned work and are willing to mail home work that you have purchased. It can be awaiting you when you arrive back home.

For a look at various shows that I have been in and a view of my art work, please check the links on the right hand side of this site. All images on this site are for sale, (except my grand children).

Once more on the More on the Merry-Go-Roundpower web

Sell yourself

I unexpectedly got the use of our car today. So jumping from one mental horse onto another, from one planned scenario for the morning to another, I have to dig in my heels and am moving. Finally, the donated work can be mailed out to Kamloops and the submission for Prince George can slide into the outer world.

All of the works that I have painted and the early works will come down from the walls in the Rotary Centre for the Arts current one woman show, Retrospective: A Second Life and go into storage. My intention is to place all of my prints on this site and others for sale in order to clear out my studio of all but the most recent work.

Time to begin again. Time to get the work ready for Art Walk in Winfield and my show in Summerland in September. Time to get portfolios out to more galleries.

The organizing, hauling around, publicizing of art work is far more time consuming than the creation of art. This is why a genius in marketing comes to be seen as an “artist” and those who are focussed on deeping and mastering techinique and voice are so frequently overlooked. By my calculaltions, 70% of the time and effort goes into marketing.

Perhaps, the dewy eyed… let us drop a point of white on the pupil….artist becomes more squint-eyed. Always sweeping the horizon to see another path, another way up the hill.

Jenny G one of China’s great young designers took her degree in business and economy. Everyone needs to learn the business of business unless he or she has 1,001 friends and just keeps laying on them much as a fan mosh pit diving onto the audience to be carried from hand to hand. Networking. Someone will catch you if you have enough bodies out there….

Sunday after the Summergames, Random Thoughts

Have a look at what can happen if a person takes the risk to self-publish a book. Inspiring.

“A democracy which makes or even effectively prepares for modern, scientific war must necessarily cease to be democratic. No country can be really well prepared for modern war unless it is governed by a tyrant, at the head of a highly trained and perfectly obedient bureaucracy.” Aldous Huxley

Sign of the times

Art in Kelowna

…Has to be art out of Kelowna. I am constantly looking for opportunities to show in the greater world because, frankly, my sales are better out there. I have heard the statement, “Kelowna has no appetite for ideas.” It is an interesting question. Does Kelowna support and sustain the qualities which make the place more than a flash in the pan? We have amazing talent here, fascinating groups and dynamic individuals.

Recently, issues have arisen about use of the park. There are events that can create vitality. What if there were a fee schedule for groups that have limited funds and were likely to bring in viewers? Is there a way that liveliness can be encouraged? It is value added for both tourists and locals.

Today, I intend to complete the piece for Kamloops and put together three portfolios. There are, as well, some interesting possibilities for submissions that I have found on line which I am in pursuit of. I never thought my retirement would be so dynamic.

Janice Fingado and I will be working on our art outside the Rotary Centre for the Arts, 421 Cawston Avenue during the Summer Games. It will be great to have people around and to be out in the summer air.

We will be outside from 1 until 4 both Friday, July 25th and Saturday, July 26th.

I am hoping more people come to see my show. Retrospective: A Second Life has over eighty pieces of art created over a nine year period on display at the Rotary Centre. It is an opportunity to see the evolution of my practice as I learned and gained more confidence.Self portait of my usual spinning list life

Speaking of outside, I had better go stack some wood then off on my bicycle to the work place.

Tuesday: Don’t cry over spilled lemonade

Cameron and I are working ten to twelve hour days again. The effort to step back and watch self while moving through the day takes discipline. So often we keep running our ships on the shoals of the same lessons. The heaving of the hull back into the water so the journey can continue becomes so repetitive and frustrating that the desire to find new seas to explore grows.

When will I get through THIS lesson and on to the next. Chaos. Things not put away. Hastiness. Trying to varnish an image and having the blacks wash thin. Monetary. Struggle to bring down the debt load. It is so tiring to keep revisiting the same issues without apparent resolution.

Wisdom lies, so I am told, in being able to observe yourself as if you were a child learning to walk. How many times do you hit your head on the coffee table before you learn to negotiate past it unbruised? Now that is depressing. One doesn’t take ten years to learn that passage.

I sit here with sticky fingers because the morning began like a slow strike in a bowling alley. The ball of anger hit the pins and I could only watch them wearisomely begin the impact…one thing to another. It ended with my hitting a full glass of lemonade all over my “important papers” and keyboard. A lovely, sweet, sticky beginning to the day.

When could the cascading anger have been stopped? Before it began, after the first pin fell of its base, before the entire floor was cleared or splattered with lemony syrup?

Sitting outside trying to calm myself, I allowed myself to feel the difference between sitting at a computer screen which feels like a contraction, an enclosing of energy to the feelings of expansion and openness that come with sitting outside in the summer morning. It is still early enough that the “cute” birds are chirping and not the raw call of the crows or the magpies that punctuate the afternoon. The air is gentle, moving and light without carrying the weight of humidity. So much promise in a summer morning.

Spider Mums catch the light

And so… like the day. I begin anew.

Celebrate with Spam

Couple is trying to push back the world

I am just about popping the Daisy Duck applique off of my chest. Not only do I now rate over 30 spam comments a day, but I am getting them in German, French, Spanish, Russian and some Asian language. This is truly the definition of success.

The poker-phone-ring-sex-scene is apparently vibrant and international. All of the addictions are now available instantaneously. When I was growing up, you had to expend effort to destroy your soul. Now you can sit home with your crack pipe ( which you had to get the old fashioned way) and play poker with a quick brake for viewing some sex site. And what better way to enhance the entire experience than to change your desk top picture and the ring tone on your phone every 15 minutes or so. The treasures of the world are at your fingertips.

In the days of old, we had to stand up, go out the door, make some type of personal contact in order to deepen the practices of self-destruction. And in so many languages! It makes one feel warm all over to know that the entire world is a place of unity, sharing experiences and forming “friendships”.

Now if you could just get the immediate experience of a sugar fix on line but the cookies are not COOKIES…. So close to heaven/hell and yet so far.

Portland Living in the Light

Murals have sprung up all over the cityPillars of old structures are used to create sculpture

We have just returned from Portland where the sun was glorious, the art galleries plentiful, parks around every turn and the possibilities for exploring constant. Compared to other American enclaves that we had experienced in our stops on the drive down, the Portland resident seems to be either the cause or the effect of an environment that produces slim, healthy, astute citizens. Women in flowered skirts were carefully helmeted but got around the city on bicycle.

Perhaps, all of the “done to the eyes” matrons were up the hills and not mixing with the populous. At any rate, most of the fashion is studiedly casual. Thrift Chic has become looks like thrift chic.

One fair we attended had brilliantly redesigned recycled clothing which was carefully and fashionably restructured. We found this fair thanks to an email from Greg Pitters, a Portlander I met when he selected some of my designs for his modern, edgy wall decor (check out His wife and her business partner helped to organize the event. Even his young son had work on display and has had three one-man shows. The packed-full-of-art event was held at the Doug Fir Lounge. Cameron was very pleased to find his long-sought after lime soap. Three years ago he found lime soap at a high-end design store in Portland and has been yearning for that clean expression to waft in his bath ever since.

Brilliantly colored building in China Town

Portland has done so many things right that it is hard to discuss them all at once, so I probably won’t. Parks abound. We went on an urban hike up through the Washington Park area that took us up to the look out. The white puff of smoke from the Adams fire was visible and the mountains were hazily visible. People played cards, had pic nics, read books and just sleep on the grass. The feeling of safety, of utility in the public space was wonderful. It was an outdoor livingroom.

Creating Art for the market

Only once did we experience the presence of poor tortured souls who were trying to find happiness in a self-destructive manner. A group of four who were stoned and drunk got on the train and sat around us. The obese, highly flammable (gauging from his breath) man sat next to me… after he asked me if it was alright. Then he apologized for spilling over onto my seat. Even in the depths of what ever depths he had chosen to visit, he was polite.

After returning from hours of walking freely along the river, riding transport throughout the city and visiting over ten art galleries in a four block area, It is easy to see why Portland is considered to be one of the most liveable cities in the U.S. In addition, the people were answering the questions we posited to one another about when or where as we negotiated the city. They are discreetly helpful. No in-your-face questions about hidden tattoos or birthmarks, just a desire to be of use was the motivation.The red fire truck and yellow helmets of the firemen against this building!

Saturday in Portland

Today was an amazing day. Initially to sit with my brother and step-father and husband for hours visiting was almost sur-real. We have NEVER been in a room together since my brother was in high school. Now as a sixty year old, I experienced a family get together. My sister-in-law and I have not seen one another for thirty years.

Later, the Jimmy Maks anniversary party was a blast. I danced for hours…by myself. Oh Well! Dance when you can.