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HansonWard Alliance Newsletter

Cameron’s news:
He is now taking on wood working projects and installing IT
He has finished his journeyman papers and is a full flying Electrician
He continues to take gigs.
Corey Jantz
Corey Doak
among others have his bass playing on their forth coming CD’s
He will be playing for the Viva Opening.

Check out his link on for images and news.

Cherie’s News
The Bean Scene North Exhibition on Ellis St.
Cherie Hanson’s Photography and digitally treated photography.
The show is changing every few days…. because pieces are selling.
Stop by to view the works from opening -5 until the end of August

One Experiment, One Earth

Woman Made Gallery
685 N Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, Il 60642
Juried by Lynda Cole and Leslie Sobel
September 5-October 2, 2008

Cherie’s work: Contrust/Destruct

Cherie’s Exhibit: Images from Europe
Art Walk
Winfield Amazing Exhibition
September 7-8
10 to 5 pm
Lake Country Complex

Come join us for fun
The Hidden Poet – A Joyous Sound
Mondays Sep. – Dec. 1 7 – 9 p.m.
$295 + GST
Find your groove and express yourself with an exciting adventure
into the eclectic world of poetry. Frolic with imagery, paint with
words and dance with sounds. Different styles of poetry will be
explored by using our senses, interpreting imagery and using
objects for inspiration. Participants will receive an anthology of
poems at the end of the course.

Classes offered through the Vernon Community Arts Centre.
For on line galleries

A Gift of Yourself:

Creating a Chapbook as a Heritage Item

(Adult and 16/17 year olds)
Saturday, December 6th/10 am -2 pm

will lead the students to create a chapbook or small handmade book

that is a treasure to give.

Bring photographs that you want

to give to others or your life, your hobbies,

what you value. The group will create a handmade,

small book of images and either poems

or commentary that can be a keepsak

for years to come. This is a true gift,

not a commercialized common present.

Cherie Hanson has taught writing, poetry.

Making Scrapbook cards or Chapbooks

for Young People
Category: Literary Arts
Season: Fall
Age Group: Youth
for this class
(Ages 14 to 17)
Saturday, November 1st, 10 am-l pm.
Members: $20 Non-members:$30 Mat Fee:

$15 The class will be an exploration of how to

combine scrapbooking with writing.

Instructor: Cherie Hanson

Poetry for the Fun of it
Category: Literary Arts
Season: Fall
Age Group:
(Ages 14 to 17)
Saturday, October 4th/10 am- 12 pm.
Members:$15 Non-members:$20
A class for teenagers to explore the playful of language.

Some movement exercises and creative exploration. Poems

will be written individually

and in groups. This class is about

really letting go of the “right” way

to write a poem and open up to experimental language.

Instructor: Cherie Hanson

Writing Colourful Poetry
Saturday, September 13th/ 10am-2pm
Members:$30 Non-members: $40
A class for adults who are either beginners

or very secure in their poetry writing.

A chance to use colours to stimulate the

creative response. There will be no criticism,

but instead a search for inspiration

from a supportive group environment.

Have fun with language and explore

your view of the world.

Instructor: Cherie Hanson

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