WineFest in the Okanagan

Okanagan Valley Sunset from winery

The Rotary center for the arts will have two events. The first thursday art crawl is from 4 until 7 pm…October 2nd at 421cawston avenue. We invite you to come down for food, drink and to meet the artists. Also, WAM is Wine Art and Music om October 11th. We hope to see you.

For more information about the Okanagan Wine Festival and the fantastic events go to

Thank You, Rick Mercer

Original image is of a paint tray


Chris Reid, the recently dumped Conservative candidate in Toronto centre believes socialism has turned us into a nation of effeminates. How else, the longtime conservative activist argues, can we explain how a deranged killer managed to decapitate someone on a greyhound bus? It turns out that it’s not the killer’s fault. It is the fault of the limp wristed schmucks who were trying to catch some shut-eye between Portage la Prairie and Brandon, Manitoba. The solution Mr. Reid believes is to simply arm the population – or at least the women and homosexuals – with concealed handguns.

Personally, I’m hoping that in the future this bright young man takes a run for the Conservative party leadership. It would make for an interesting campaign – homosexuals of Canada, lay down your Botox needles and pick up a Colt .45.

Are we a nation of effeminates as Reid suggests? I’m not sure. I do know that if I’m ever on a bus when the stabbing starts – call me whatever you want because I’ll be the one screaming like a girl and heading for the exits.

And then there is Ryan Warawa. Mr. Warawa, the current Conservative candidate in Vancouver East thinks Canada’s defense Minister Peter McKay is actually a pipsqueak and not fit for public office. Mr. Warawa is a new type of Tory who calls male politicians he doesn’t like “bitches” and “whores”, believes that heroin should be legalized, and that prostitutes should work in legal brothels so we can tax them on their activities.

Among Conservatives there is a lot of grass root support for Chris Reid’s brand of conservatism. He wants to close the CBC, scrap the Indian act and seems to have deep seated rage issues – but team Harper still dumped him for his views. Word is Harper draws the line at homosexuals with guns; and really, considering his record on that file I can’t say I blame him.

As for the pro drug, pro prostitution Warawa, he still remains Stephen Harper’s chosen candidate in Vancouver East. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s office says the Mr. Warawa has, as of three days ago, changed his views and no longer believes anything he ever said on any issue whatsoever. Rumour is that once his blog came to light he was immediately run through a Conservative reeducation camp. A few pistol whips from a flack jacket wearing Peter McKay (“Who’s the bitch now Warawa?”) topped off with a chemical lobotomy and the boy is good as new, a virtual Bev Oda – happy to be seen and not heard from ever again. He will make a hell of a cabinet minister someday.

By the sounds of it, when it comes to dealing with party dissidents, the Chinese government could learn a thing or two from our sweater wearing prime minister.

Of course, as voters, we only know what Mr. Reid and Mr. Warawa actually believe because they have both, in the past, had online blogs.

The irony is, like most blogs, nobody really read them at the time – ordinary Canadians don’t spend a lot of time reading blogs because ordinary Canadians know that blogs are basically the domain of idiots, mad people and news anchors. This is by and large true. I should know, I’ve had one for years. And like most bloggers I have a love hate relationship with my online diary.

At first it was a heady experience. I would go online and in seconds whatever thought was running through my head was available for the entire world to read.

Like most bloggers (and perhaps my audience of family and friends) I quickly grew tired of my own thoughts and instead of updating my blog five times a day I started aiming for once a week and then once a month. Somehow the world survived.

But now I love blogs again. Blogs are serving an exciting new purpose: making politics interesting again. When I turn on the news and hear that another candidate is in trouble because of something they said on their blog I am like a kid at Christmas.

We are in a brave new time. In this election, like all of them before, there are people stepping forward for the first time. Candidates in their 20s and 30s (Reid is 28 years old, Warwa is 32) represent a generation of Canadians who’s every movement from the womb to the ballot has been electronically recorded.

A home video camera didn’t just roll on their first adorable steps and their first header into the coffee table; it was also running when they smoked lousy hash in an apple and then opened their zipper, pulled out their front pockets, exposed their man-tackle and did the elephant impersonation. There are now candidates running for all parties who know that their every embarrassing moment at university has been forever cached in numerous Facebook profiles. And this new generation of politician have all, for the most part, experimented with blogging.

This is a harsh contrast to our current crop of politicians sitting in parliament, the vast majority of whom have no idea how to power up a laptop let alone publish every bizarre opinion and thought they have ever had without a spell check, let alone a sober second thought.

It will change the face of elections forever.

Who will run? In the past politicians had to survive a party background check if they wanted to offer themselves for public office. And by and large most Canadians could pull that off. The question for candidates of the future will be “can you survive a detailed Google search?” Who among us will be us can do such a thing?

I know I won’t be able to. When I read back through my blog archive I see opinions that make me cringe. I come off alternately as a crazed left leaning liberal and a crazed right leaning conservative; rarely does any opinion come across as moderate. Because let’s face it, on the World Wide Web, that’s just not interesting. Taken out of context I would be sunk.

And yes I have published, with the aid of photo shop, photos of Stephen Harper, Stephane Dion and Jack Layton in situations that would be considered by most community standards to be disrespectful and tasteless, but by my standards is good clean fun.

Luckily I have no immediate plans to change occupations. So by all means feel free to check them out at – destroying my future in public life since 2005.

Injured and compensating

Feeling so smug about how much I could carry in my hands… just before the grocery bag ripped the tendons in two fingers in my right hand. Now I can’t uncurl the two middle fingers. Perhaps I should embrace the opportunity to use the left hand more and always, always about patience. Off to mail entry for 3rd ward in Boston, finish small pieces with one hand and hunt and peck the article. Wish me the grace to heal quickly without despair attached.

Rotary centre for the arts gig

Shot Gun, Firing into the Universe

Is it scattered? Perhaps. But the energy that I am expending to move my art into a world of recognition is consistent and on many fronts. Am I talking war? Not exactly. But there is a sense of hitting the target, finding the sweet spot, bringing home the vegan bacon… all of that.

First the fundraiser for the Rotary Centre for the arts has the web site that my dear friend Julia has put up to showcase the works.

I have done a submission to Energy Gallery because I really appreciate the work that David Cheung goes to to promote his artists.

Today I am also finishing my submission to the 3rdward, for their fall show. I worked up images about my feelings of being a wild animal trapped in the kitchen. Scary and powerful. Don’t keep a jungle beast or a critter meant to run the veld in a kitchen. Nothing good can come of it.

While I was working on other projects, I revisited some images that I have created for the Kelowna Art Gallery show INTERPLAY BETWEEN SELF AND FORM which will be submitted the 16th of October.

Also coming up is the Kamloops Art Gallery Art Auction. I was approached about submitting a piece to be in the community gallery for two weeks and then auctioned off as a fund raiser. I donated blue/gold which is one of my favorite pieces. I continue to try to support local and B.C. arts in the only way I can and that is through donations.

Meanwhile I am working away on the article for in/ur magazine. I love the edgy, informative look of this relatively new periodical and invite everyone to go have a boo.

I welcome any news about art opportunities, possible shows and certainly embrace the possibility of finding galleries out there in that vast world that are interested in carrying my work.

See, I am no longer combative. I am not using arms…except to embrace. It’s what they are meant to do.

May your day be filled with love and opportunity.Good girls like to cook

Studio Fair, Prince George

I am just completing my shipment to the wonderful arts festival in Prince George. Studio Fair has as its coordinator Jennifer who is delightful to work with. Dealing with artists can be stressful at the best of times and Jennifer makes her job sound like just plain fun. Ha!

Once I get that shipment off, it is time to get the shipment ready for Ferrar, Italy for the Trevisan Art show. One piece is coming home from Chicago and then it is time to address my web presence.

Marketing on the web is something I intend to learn much as a person dedicates him or herself to learning a foreign language. The temptation when one has a career in the arts is to become very scattered. When I was working withing the system… teaching high school the deadlines were clear. Attendance, bells, narrow hallways, finals. There was a rhythm of order.

Being an artist with the ability to make so many choices is a bit like falling down the rabbit hole as depicted by Disney. All of the objects of desire fall past, this thought, that show, perhaps an opportunity, a flash of inspiration like a passing mirror. So much that can possibly happen. But, what, can the artist do which is the best use of time, energy, materials and money? That is the challenge.

So often we continue to work to the siren song of “exposure”. Why if you donate to us, if you do this event for free, if you enter this show, it will give you “exposure”. So many artists are exposing themselves to the elements of the cold wind of pauverty that a hand could just snap right off from the cold as it sticks out of the snow bank of hope.

Finding the path that is easy, give me primroses, fountains of delight and a laurel wreath of thousand dollar bills. Here, you take this old trench coat. I am tired of exposing my art without culmination of pleasure.

Europeans treasure antiquity

Wednesday with good intentions

Sore, tired only three hours sleep. So many shows to get ready for and just no energy. I will open the windows and begin to move around. Getting web sites cleaned up and updated is so time consuming. Making mistakes and having to unsnaggle them is frustrating.

How to be patient with learning? Mistakes just feel like failure. How much more soothing to just stay with what one knows. But that way lies shrinkage with age. Lighter mind, muscles not sore but like a dandelion flower, it means one is going to seed. The white hair, like sun drenched halo on a stem. Waiting for one gust of wind to scatter the self. I choose to be uncomfortable and more substantial. My body questions the choice.

My mind, like a tree full of birds, has a thousand things to say about how I live. Shhh!

Learning and aging

Toasters, glass bowls and other nonsense

helping hand

As I was researching an article for alternative Christmas presents, I hit the jackpot. Global Giving allows a person to select projects from around the world as a wonderful gift of love.

My daughter bought a tree in Africa in my name last year and I was moved to tears to read what a difference it could make to this drought ridden village to have some trees for use as fencing, to make some simple tools. I also purchased a goat for Christmas and hung the little goat card on our tree. How many times that year did I say, “We have a goat on our Christmas tree”? I am sure my husband remembers.

The great and wonderful aspect of the global village site is under the menu heading closest to the goal. Here is where a project that is only $1000 or less away from completion can entice those who like to see a result in some form of feedback for the work they do. Some projects are so close to being achieved that just a few people giving $10 each could make it happen.

What a great way to make yourself feel warm and connected in this big, cold wintering world. If you are tired of the nonsense of Christmas, go to

Pink and Gold day

36 x 36 square multi-media $850

You are Cordially Invited

What:            Cherie Hanson’s One Woman Show

“Study in Transposition“, multimedia, digital

When:    7 to 9 pm August 28 opening reception

Show runs until September 27

Where:       Summerland Art Gallery at 9533 Main

Open until 4 pm.

Only a short while until I am taking the show down from the Summerland Art Gallery.  Hopefully, the show will be well attended and many local art fans will get the opportunity to see something that is strikingly new and different from other regional works.

Today I send off the list of images to travel to Italy and begin working on the ultra large piece that I am doing to put into a large, contemporary home. The adventure continues.