Creating a Chapbook: poetry and art class at Kelowna’s Rotary Centre

After reading through the last five weeks of newspapers, taking them out back for recyling, seeing that the walkway to the alley is obstructed by snow and shoveling for over an hour, I am ready to do what I set out to do today. Reading the news for weeks in one sitting is certainly a way to see what the “manipulators” want us to believe about the world. So many of the predicted catastrophes do not appear. Sales of Canadian goods over Christmas are up 5%, we are not having another election, the pine beetle is getting its existence frozen out of pine trees and the world has greeted the shoe throwing incident with humour and not horror.

Distractions of necessities. As I move through my day, I ask, ” Are my actions a mindful attention to that which has to be done to maintain a household, or am I just following my eyes?” I guess not being able to walk around the house freely would be seen as a call to action.

My intention was to begin to publicize my classes:

The firstĀ  Saturday workshop, A GIFT OF YOURSELF,

January 10th

421 Cawston Avenue in the Rotary Centre for the Arts.

$50 and runs from 10 am until 2 pm with all of the decorative papers, etc. supplied.

for adults and teens.

Many people have snippets of writing; journals, poetry, short narratives. These can be arranged with either photographs or with art work to create a beautiful hand-made book. A GIFT OF YOURSELF is ideal for grandmothers to give to grandchildren, for teens to give to friends or family or for a husband to give to his wife.

It certainly is a good fit with the transition away from mindless spending and consumerism and thinking more about sharing.

For information, give me a call at the Rotary Centre 250-763-4269. Also, I am available for one on one tutorials for $45 for two hours.

Tomorrow, I will have a seven minute appearance at the Okanagan Institute to just briefly present a “narrative” about Buddhist, spiritual practice. Both Stan Rule and Ross Freake has beautiful columns in yesterday’s newspaper which reverberate with Buddhist spiritualism. We do have a sanga around us, if we have eyes and ears to experience its presence.

Amusingly, all the while I was shoveling snow my busy, obsessive mind kept saying, “Hurry up and finish so you can go to the gym and work out.” HA! After nearly two hours of shovelling the concept disappeared.

Autumn harvest basking in sun

Autumn harvest basking in sun