Making a Studio

There are various ways to create. One is to take an idea and give it form as in generational creation. Another is transformative. An object becomes answerable for another use. The shed which was full of stored items, much of it redundant, lost in chaos, purchased while fantasizing about the super human powers of time and energy boundlessly available. Having gone through the mess and placed the objects on the lawn, I began the process.
What I find interesting is that it isn’t about the work. When I go through things I have carefully collected to be clutter, it is the mental energy, the psychic energy. I am pushing hard against the desire to become distracted, or the excuses which arise. One day I will make that fabric into a baby dress. Yeah when my grand- daughters graduate from high school maybe.
The next stage was getting things sorted for best distribution: share, salvation army, value village. I looked around for what people I knew who would benefit from objects that I couldn’t even remember that I owned.
Taking things to the dump in my little Nissan was a challenge and a bit of a joke. I just filled every crevice in the vehicle.
The dry wall got interesting because I had to break it up with a sledge hammer and put the plastic garbage cans in the back seat. Four trips later, I had it all gone.
Next was removing the cladding from the sides of the shed with a crow bar, taking the old boards down that were in the rafters. The dust, raccoon plop, spiders, hornet nests and cat poop was almost enough to stop me. But it didn’t. After I removed all of the boarding inside, I washed it down with a hose…. standing under the spray at times.
Next came putting in the insulation while wearing a suit that made me look like a Panda Bear… with the glasses on.
Because of my R.A. operating the stapler was murder but I did manage to get the poly stapled in place working three or four hours at a time.
At this stage, I twisted my knee and tore the cartlidge. The project went on hold while I lay on a couch for a month with the knee on a pillow. My bed became the couch because I couldn’t flex enough to make the stairs.
This was definitely a low point.
The death of one person after another and then the decision of my husband that lead to the end of my marriage. Now I am laid on flat out while the rest of the world is frolicking in the sun. Nobody was available to watch me ice my knee. I was very, very lonely.
And when I thought that was depressing, my computer quit and I had to peg leg out to take it in for repairs. Talk about isolated. Nobody. No people. No computer. No definition of self with the marriage collapsed and the art studio at the RCA vacated.
So I began to rent movies… I would hobble out and rent 10 movies at a time.
When I could take weight on my leg again, I decided to hire a worker to finish the insulation in the very peak of the roof and to poly that. He also put plywood up on one wall. It looks great. He accomplished that in one day.
With my new drill and screw driver I put all of the scrap pieces on the facing wall to have a place to hang art work. The sawing was crooked, the screw driver bit kept falling out and it doesn’t butt up against one another. But by golly, I did it myself. Now I am putting up two big sheets of plywood on the end wall so that I can put up the nice shelving system my husband designed when he was caring in both senses of the word.
The stone patio out in front of the door looks great. It is from the pieces of cement I broke out of the floor of the shed before I called a guy to pour new cement on half of the area.
None of the studio is square. The floor tilts. But the light coming in the odd and found windows is wonderful. Once the shelving is in… I can begin to work out there. I have a place to show my work and to create. I had to hire people for four days work but the rest… the rest is my clumsy and determined effort.