Energy Fields

The flow of energy which creates a field upon which each of us depends, within which we abide is what my abstract works manifest. Often as a child, I would close my eyes and see these images. It was not until I had been a practicing artist for ten years that I began to create what I was seeing in my head, behind my eyes, in my life of the imagination when I heard music or sat in nature.
It wasn’t until I went to Peru that I came to the full realization that what I was “seeing” was in fact more of a reality than the static structures of table, tree, wall. In physics it has been demonstrated that string energy changes into branes or masses when observed. To see without observing, to sense without stopping is what meditative practice can do.
Here are some of my visions of “flow”.

Gold flow defying definition of one plane

When we reach for one another in a loving way, our energies exchange and create flow.

two individuals exchange energy flow

a vision of the negative energy of construction for profit

This piece is about joy, intensity allowing energy without fear.

Snow storm

Ten pm at night was a neighbourhood experience. After the large, fat, wet snow flakes fell caught in the trees, piled delicately on the fence posts, four of us simultaneously went outside to clear our sidewalks.
So strange that on a 10 pm Saturday night would find so many of us in sychronicity. The snow continued to float down and it was wonderful to have the powder blue horizon glowing around us. The usual dark, dark night was filled with the shimmer of the whiteness. Magical.

Prayer to Cod Liver Oil

Lift me up from the seduction of despair,
the long nights of gray memories
like fog settling into my brain house.
I reach for sugar or buy another piece of red
to act as fire for my low burning embers.
Oh spoon full of light
coat the dry places in my body/soul
sliding down
to bring me sun
to my skin
inside out me
from the season of loss.

arioso strong woman dances in the air

Christmas Clarity

The air is crisp and cool. The season is settling in throughout the continent. I saw a video of the opening of a new outdoor ice arena in Mexico.
In the Eastern section of Canada there was a meter and 1/2 of snow last night. The romantic image of snow on trees, two wet mitten covered hands linking a couple strolling through the diamond studded snow scape comes to mind. People digging out their dog houses and cars is not usually featured in this dream land.
The interesting work of being in the present means embracing what is and saying this is a season, this is a day. To look at the tree out my window and remember the fullness of green is to reject the beautiful lines of the black branches against the gray, winter sky. There are things to appreciate in even the harshness of the view.
Not being able to be happy in the now, is a practice. Living into the future is a practice. I am starting to “get” that only by being able to enjoy the moment can I get better at accepting the now.

the golden moment of now, a gift from the universe

May you live in joy this day.

Like unpicking a tapestry: inventory

Listening to Leonard Cohen and loading in my gallery is how I spent the evening. Leonard lost it all and had to tour at 70 years of age .
So I am inspired about keeping focused and making it happen. For the last week I have measured, photographed and prepared the photos for upload to my web site. I am about half way after five 12 hours days. I will complete my task. The protestant work ethic and the blessings of OCD are on my side.

green waves 12 x 12 x 12 triangle

I finished making 200 Christmas cards and sat the Summerland Art Gallery Sparkle show today.
Strange, isn’t it when a person is so engaged in tedium that doing laundry seems like a reprieve. Everything is dependent. Mind set is all.
After I finish the gallery on my site, I am going into production of an ebook about my experiences falling through levels of deception this last 11 months. Learning to look the lie in the eye. Learning to forgive myself for the fantasy reality which was really a nightmare, will take some courage.

But I am up to it. While I was on a ayahuasca journey, I met my guardian dragon whose name is Alfried. He sits on my right side and assures me he will eat anyone who tries to harm me.
I believe he is talking metaphorically because he made me laugh when he said it to me. So to be more clear, what I realized is that I have always been able to defend myself. That I can own my masculine energy and make things happen in my world. For instance, I can get my art work moved into a business and I can create books with the words I weave.
Today I sang, “You are the tea in my coffee,” on the way to the Superstore and laughed really hard. My mind was telling me that some pseudo love relationships are just the wrong mix.
At the store, I ran into a wonderful, radiant friend who seemed lost in grief. She seemed to be about to cry. I talked with her and while I was conversing, I wrapped her in a blanket of loving energy. We both walked away with big smiles on our faces.

fresh snow on a tree is glorious, momentary power

After that I saw an Asian man standing at the end of the check out waiting for his wife. Not looking grief stricken, not numbed out or stoney faced. He was dancing a waltz with his daughter including the turns. What a gift. What a gift it was for me to go to the store tonight. I came away with a car full of joy.

Art in the New Studio

How exciting to get my new studio set up. My first task was completing an inventory of the pieces which I have created in the last couple of years.

The rain was falling so hard, it bounced up off of the surface of the water.

surface of the water is jumping with rain

The reflections of the orange burn on the green water like flames.

The frame on this piece is copper and ornamental