Fresh Air, Movement

Today I got through three loads of laundry. It feels so good to have the doors open and air flowing through the house. I will have clean sheets when I go to bed tonight. Kangaroo hoping across the floor with the wad of laundry is a skill.
I noticed today that my left calf is definitely larger than my right leg. If I want symmetry, perhaps I need to hop around on just my right leg when my foot can take weight.
I know it sounds minor, but I now wear my watch again and I actually know what day it is. Coming up to greater energy and clarity is a relief.
I have been having strange dreams about being lost, not being able to read the map or guide book that I have in my hands. It is written in a language unknown to me. So in my dreams I am supposed to go to a place and carry out an action but have no idea of how to do it.
The Vivienne Westwood program about visiting London was on this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am finishing my six months retrospective on finances and spending patterns. The budget will grow out of that. Strength and coming from a place of power is the answer to this loss of purpose. Financial strength, emotional strength, spiritual strength are all important for me at this time.
My toes are still very swollen. If I am up for too many trips a day, my foot begins to throb. Trying to get comfortable and sleep takes some shifting around to get the pillows and blankets just right. Knowing that I get the stitches out in four days is uplifting. I am not very clear about what that means. Will I be able to put any weight on my foot at that time or will it just be heel down stabilized walking.

garden's gift

So today I have a clean bed and rest area, my budget set up and my calendar organized. Strange how important it is to look back over your day and find some goal achieved. It is almost like moving.