Kryon, Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton speak at Mount Shasta


The message beneath the mountain from these three powerful presences was heartening. I will begin backwards with the summary of what they had to teach their audience.
1. Do what it takes to get out of survival mode.
2. Trust yourself then trust others because they are you.
3. See everything.
4. Relax into it.
5. Expect answers.
6. The universe is helping you right now, in this moment.
7. Be honest with yourself.


Those who take the upper path end up nowhere, according to mythology. The easy path that appears to bring reward is a dead end. It is by knowing oneself, by the capacity to embrace uncertainty that resilience is achieved. The two structures are: comfort, greed and profit or love, strength and balance.

The biology is stress was explained. Recently, I listened to an Ideas program about the effect of stress as having the resultant lowering of IQ as its outcome. The conference introduced these new studies to the audience. Believing in a competitive, frightening world makes it less possible for an individual or a group to move out of survival mode. Survival mode insures that you will not bring a strong mind to your problems.

The magical feeling in the room of close to 700 people was palpable when Kryon channeled that there was “no going back. It cannot be stopped.”

Humanity is now on the fast track to a more conscious and spiritual relationship with the earth and with one another.
There was a time when human kind could stop the earth. There was a time when man could destroy his home. There was a time when the end game was in sight. But Kryon spoke about how the collective awareness has grown so strongly that we have moved beyond that disaster scenario. The sense of being awake is spreading. The feeling of hopeless sleep walking is done for so many that we cannot go back. The knowing that we are here to move out of competitiveness and into compassion is so strong that we cannot be stopped.

I felt such a rush of hope, such an eruption of high heart energy that I dissolved into it. To hold the faith that we can hold the faith was like having someone hand each of us a heart torch that we could carry with us out into our lives.


Bruce Lipton was magnificent. He spoke with flashing energy about allowing the limbic, unconscious mind which is active 95 % of the time choose our reactions and our actions. The conscious, higher mind is only operative 5% of the time. His recommendation was that audience members practice observation of self.

I was very impressed with his vitality, excitement and sense of purpose as he spoke. He lit up the stage.

Gregg Braden took us through an exercise of how it feels to be in a high heart state so that we could use the ability to “plug in” empathy and love when we meet people. My reading of Tonglin practice and my teaching in compassion practice from our local Buddhist monk, Sandon, gave me an understanding of how effective the practice is. Standing in a room of hundreds of people going into compassion mode was absolutely magical. The energy in the room shifted and became so infused with calm and light that it ran through everyone there.

Gegg Bradon brings a sense of person to person to his presentations. He is so approachable, relaxed and centered that his information comes from a place of genuine caring about others.

All in all, I felt these three presenters did much to remind me of the path I have set out upon in the last five years. The sense that there is a change in the air; there is a place for the open and authentic to dwell; there is a basic electrical field of love through us, around us and enlivening all of us was what I came away with.

Sometimes all of the reading, Shamanic retreats, vision quests and facing demons results in a moment of clarity. I am thankful for having attended the conference not for any new information which I experienced but rather for the sense of having learned chords and patterns. It was at the conference that I heard the music of the lessons.

Kryon, Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden

I left my fairy tale bungalow with the roses blooming surround to visit Mount Shasta and Crater Lake recently.

crater lake 6

A friend informed me that this area was a highly spiritual place for native Indians.

Standing at the teetering edge of Crater Lake is hyper real. The blues are reminiscent of 1950’s technicolored film scenes. The whites are unearthly floating in lazer blue water and sky. The contrast between the tranquility of the scene and the violence which created this high vibration sight is jarring. Even today, Native Indians and New Age mystics come to interact with the deepest water lake in North America.

crater lake 13

My friend, Laura and I stood on the dark rock at the edge. She turned to me and said, “The last time I came here was about twenty years ago on my honeymoon.”

I smiled and looked down at the bottomless water holding sky. “The last time I came here was about twenty years ago on my honeymoon.”

We were both quiet. I searched around inside my body closet for emotions… wondering if I would hit a monster memory or a little demon pain and was finding only calm. I felt good. I felt so opened up and enveloped by the beauty before and beneath me. That was all.

Afterward, I went to the gift shop to buy a tee shirt. I would wear it as a victory emblem. I had not returned to Crater Lake. I was seeing it for the first time free of any past story.

crater lake tranquility from violence

When we arrived in Mount Shasta, our hostess told us her own narrative. We found our place to stay during the conference through the site. Chi is a Japanese. She is a Japanese concert pianist who moved to New York. During the summers she taught short courses at Mount Shasta but it called to her. She left her life in New York behind and moved without a place to live, without a job, without a clear purpose and alone.

shasta above us

One year and six months later she now lives in a house, teaches at nearby institutions, tours with local symphonies.She now has a large and luscious garden which she planted. She found a man who loves her and is her equal in skills, openness and gratitude for their new life. In eighteen months she created an entirely new way of being in the world.

Because she trusted herself, she grew.

When she first moved to Mount Shasta, there was a blizzard that shut down the town for weeks. Her friends in New York thought she was crazy. She thought she might be crazy. Now, She has made a new structured reality to live within and it is far better.

The conference itself was uneven. Some speakers were inspirational… but I always find that a waste of time. I brought my own sparkler spirit. I was inspired to travel, to spend money, to leave my house. Yep.

rainbow sun 2

I was so high school girl giggling in the back of the room when my new friend turned to me. We are both open notebook, furiously scribbling types of people.

“I haven’t got anything in my notebook. Did she say anything?” She said.

“You haven’t got anything in your notebook and I don’t have anything in my notebook because there is no content,” I replied.

She looked relieved as we both laughed.

So much of the conference was light on actual information. I felt like a sixth grader in a third grade class and my body was unused to sitting for such long periods of time. I stop to analyze my reaction. Am I wrong to feel this way? Is it ego to want to find those beautiful revelations of information that open a person up, that challenge a person’s mind?

I frequently get up and go outside to do some yoga poses and just stare at Mount Shasta. I am yearning to get up onto her pathways, to interact with the spirits purported to be on the mountainside.

Sitting in the dark room barely able to see my notebook, I still persisted in taking notes. As I read them scrawled like a insect trail over the pages, it is like reading from one possessed. I will share a few with you to be puzzled by along with me or to amuse you.

“My baby body cleaning me.
Calling the Elders to be with us.
The Telos beings are crying.
I give this day to all that is divine.
A big white puffy woman like a cloud.
Blah blah blah blah so far nothing. only her visions.”

We are asked to stand facing another participant. I am hit. I am hit hard in the chest. The woman I face appears to me as a severed tree broken off in a storm with no branches left. She is a sharp asymmetrical point. The trunk still lives but she has lost all her foliage. I lean into her and whisper, “It will be alright.” I am telling her the truth. She needs to hope and grow her branches back.

We repeat the exercise with another person and this time the woman I face is surrounded by blossoms. She is surrounded by beautiful, healthy, radiant flowers. I tell her. I say, “You have a blooming garden all around you.” She hugs me and quietly responds, “Thank you.” She knows exactly what I have seen. She knows.

The energy in the room from the 700 people is immense. Some are on walkers, some are large with despair, some are healers or lightworkers. Everyone wants to know how to be better at this, at this being alive, at this walking the earth. There are many, many who are here to find a key to the gate of hope.

Mount Shasta 2

One speaker talks about personality types and informs the audience of a web site with a test that will lead them to an analysis of their type. She delineated the types and the percentages of the population that are that mode of person. I know immediately from her description that I am a “reflector.” I am in the 1% of the population whose job is to stay outside. My job is to not join the groups. My job is to not follow others, participate in that which others feel is fun or entertaining. A reflector’s calling is to observe from the distant place and allow others to see who they are. By not becoming part of the social organism, we can remain sociological anthropologist. No question. Absolutely.

My notes at this point say: “Moss growing on a paper cutter blade.”

And then I write a poem about falling in love…. with myself.

to be continued. to be continued.