Cherie Hanson Art Work for Sale

Blue Gold 30 by 23 $928

Blue Gold 30 by 23 $928

water 81.7 inches by 24 inches $3,000

embrace 32 by 23 $940

Embrace Pearlescent paint glows 32 by 23 $940 celebration of love

Dragon $580 , Dolphin 25 by 18 $580, Blue Dahlia 35 by 30 $1200

Dragon $580 , Dolphin 25 by 18 $580, Blue Dahlia 35 by 30 $1200

Beige City 34 X 22 964

Beige City 34 by 22 $964

Construct Destruct 20 by 28 $722

Construct Destruct 20 by 28 $722

Small Pieces

small yellow tomatoes 15 inches by 13 inches $98

Another in my small series of treated photographs which is in a spectacular, ornamental frame was of Black Eyed Susans sitting on the counter with a brilliant blue shadow of the vase shining through.

The shadow reminded me of Brian Froud’s Fairey Cards when he depicted Fairey energy.

12 inches by 10 inches yellow flowers $84

close up of yellow flowers

The small image was one I created from a photograph that I took of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones at the Vancouver Jazz Festival. The image of the group playing on stage is flipped on the side and made into a pyramid. It represents their music which is mystical, magical and inner city all at once.

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones 14 1/4 inches by 11 1/4 $65

The original photographic image was of an acid green ceramic bowl which I swirled in the software.

The work is 14 inches by 11 inches and is yours for $65.

12 inches by 10 inches $90

My neighbour repairs ceramic and porcelain pieces. This little twisting nude figurine came to her for repair. She had lost an important part of her “chest” area, the figurine not my neighbour. I photographed her and used filters. Afterward, the image was printed on high end art paper.

Archival with sharp definition and bright color. One of a kind. $170.

Ceramic Nude 17.5 inches by 13.5 inches under glass $170

lovely shades of yellow

This photograph of a model was a study of light and shadow. A gesture was captured and treated in the computer. Beautiful oranges and browns in rectangular shades. Archival print.

16 inches by 14 in leather frame, nude $180

photo treated digitally in wide, gorgeous leather frame $180

The Mandela series was one of my earliest explorations. Of the fifteen that I created only two remain. The image was of a single rose, treated in the computer and was used as an exploration of the spiritual energy.

14.5 inches by 11.5 Mandela from a Rose $65

Mandela Rose from an original photo of a rose

There were two starter images I used with this piece. One was of my smile and the other was of the beautiful, summer sunset in Kelowna. I layered the two together. The pyramid is about pleasure. Smiling, chocolate, butterscotch and warm flames against a beautiful sunset. For $65 dollars not including postage.

11 1/4 by 14 1/4 Smile Pyramid $65

Smile Pyramid with Orange mat

note flames at top of pyramid

This image began as a photo of me laying on the kitchen counter with a pink fabric behind me. It is the first in a series I call Leaves of Grass which explores Walt Whitman’s poem in images.

every atom belonging to me belongs to you

16 by 21 inches. $260

We see life as a Grid 16 by 20 $260

The Universal Dance $260> all three $700

The Samurai Leather Armour from Medieval Japan was a find in a Portland, Oregon import shop. The Armour was so fierce just as it was stacked against the wall it was palpable. After I took the picture, I treated the image and framed it floating on a beige mat. Archival under glass $215.

the samurai original I treated for the art piece

armour of leather

Every year I look forward to the paint brush appearance of tulips whose petals open to bring the color so badly missed in winter. This upshot I call tulip trees which captures the sun defining the shapes of the petals. At 8.5 by 11.5 inches it is a great piece for an office under glass at $75.

8.5 inches by 11.5 inches Tulip Trees glass $75

Arisos, Strong Woman 24 inches by 20 under glass $385

Summerhill winery 12 1/4 inches by 16 1/2 under glass $150

I loved this tiny garden goddess. A garden shop had a closing out sale and I spent five years repainting her surface and placing her in different places in the garden. Her size is indicated by the chive plant in front of her. Powerful, female image in a garden setting.

beautiful goddess with yellow rose photo under glass $235

25 inches by 21 inches in old fashioned look ornamental frame $235

This photograph is an angled shot outside Kelowna’s Rotary Centre for the Arts. The filters I applied to the shot really pop it. The frame is a thick black lacquer and shows off the color beautifully. Great image to create interest in a waiting room.

Rotary Centre Kelowna 20 inches by 23 inches $340

Black and White

Construct Destruct black and white 28 inches by 20 $400

detail from construct destruct $400

structures stretch horizontally across the canvas

Dolphin in Space Ship Earth 28 inches by 20 580

36 inches by 27 $750

Drawings and Paintings

This pencil drawing was a gesture study of a strong, Italian face. $100 for original drawing.

14 3/4 inches by 12 3/4 drawing of nude $100

detail of pencil drawing

drawing in pink pencil of my foot 12.5 inches by 11.5 $100

wide angled black frame, drawing under glass $100

two triangular pieces: Green Waves

12 by 12 by 12 acrylic, gold foil, colored ink

two triangles for $45 can be hung any way you choose

Green Waves 12 x 12 x 12 will sign on back so YOU decide how to hang

gold foil shines against the shades of green

I was interested in exploring one half of a face so took pictures in a mirror. This image is a statement about vision. So much of what I see is intense and hyper sensitive so my eye is purple.

12 3/4 by 9 3/4inches self portrait painted in acrylic paint $90

triangles of color fit together to move the ground and field

full image

This acrylic painting was a still life of a mask with a sign behind. I thought the word Manipulation too dominant. The mask was from the South Seas and seemed more appropriate to have Manipu as if it were the name of an island.

22 inches by 18 acrylic painting $200

Reminiscent of South American and Middle Eastern decorative art, it has minute detail.

Relationship dance 14.5 by 12 inches acrylic and pencil $150

The entire image. I used toothpicks for the smallest details.

I selected a Middle Eastern influenced beautiful frame for this piece.

European Pieces

The magnificent frame on this pictures of St. Peter’s Cathedral at the Vatican was valued at $600. It is an import from Italy and perfect for the image I treated in a three dimensional silver filter. By happenstance, I ended up being allowed into the Christmas Eve Mass which was conducted by the Pope and had the brilliant red robes of Cardinals from around the world.

silver sculpture, foreground, mid and background shifting

This horizontal picture of the Belfast on the Thames uses florescent ink $525

Blind Warrior above Broken Hand below $345 each


When I was at the Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art with 847 other international artists, I had my first experience of seeing cultures I had only read about previously. Only 63 artists received a jury prize and I was one. The certificate now hangs in my art studio. The following image was taken at the Pitti Palace and the giant lion’s head is meant to impress and repress. The snakes that once were in the lion’s jaw have long since fallen away. I painted and drew into the image to increase the three dimensionality.

Pitti Palace Lion is a powerful, three dimensional piece

This lion door knocker looked disturbed by the aspect that someone would use him. The angled shot is to increase the sense of unease and make the humour of the image more evident.

Italian Door Knocker 20 inches by 15 $255 canvas over stretcher, India Ink

This shimmering black door in London had highlights of blue that fascinated me. Photograph printed on canvas then worked with India Ink. People always touch it because it looks so three dimensional they are puzzled. $528

London door Ram image 22 inches by 30 $528 thumb

To see Gaudi’s Sangria Familia is a life changing experience. The man gave up everything, friends, family, his home to work on the cathedral and ended up dying alone in a hospital after being hit by a passing vehicle in the street. He had a small cot in the church where he lived so he could work day and night on my obsessive dream.

SOLD This original photo was cropped to create a dramatic play of light and shadow $480


Florence Bridge

Florence Bridge 28 inches by 36 inches $700


In Florence the repairs are ongoing. Ancient buildings in a moist atmosphere have to be rebuilt. This courtyard was just completed however all of the structure from the older courtyard was upgraded and kept. I call this image Old and New. The concept of renewing the past and respecting it is one I wish we would see more of in North America.

30 inches by 20 inches $480

Non Representational

Smaller Pieces

30 inches by 30 inches $1000

Acid 60 in a show at Summerland Gallery

acrylic, pearlescent paint foreground background shifting

left Blue Gold 20 by 34 $928 right Carpet 30 x 30 $950

glued threads on Carpet piece creates texture

Carpet on left Red Swirl on right $1,000


Four images with movement, color and vitality

Embrace is a romantic piece, mingled energies $940  Pearlescent paint glows energy

florescent and pearlescent paint across the surface

blue pearescence on Embrace

Embrace of mingled energies 32 by 23 $940

Sun brick wall on left $600 Red Gray $600

red gray is a great piece for a bathroom, shower of color

sun in brick wall 26 by 26 $600

Sun captured by brick wall image is complex and woven. The image below is another image with woven filters. The colors are brilliant painted with florescent paint. Warm up a wall with this one.

SOLD Green Light 18 by 25 $360

The original photo for Universal Wall below was an art deco detail above a door in Disney Land. I warped, filtered and experimented until I got this vision of the energy I felt the piece held.

$500 sold canvas over stretcher frame

The Canadian Beige series won a jury prize in the Florence Biennale. Some of the pieces have sold and are happily in a new home. Two are sitting in the Water Street Coldwell Banker lobby and two more are in Wilden show home. Beautiful beige and golds warm up the walls.

triangle to left is $964 with sand, glass bead, florescent paint: triangle to right sold by Sopa Art Gallery. Canadian fold at bottom sold.


Larger Pieces

winner Florence Biennele of Contemporary Art $1,300 Dimensions 30 X 45

This series was created to explore the elements of Feng Shui. Spirit Wind began as a picture of a flower and after manipulating it with computer filters I printed it onto a 24 inches by 59 inches stretcher frame. After that I used acrylic paints, pearlescent paint, glass bead which I bought from Austria and India Ink. The piece has shifting planes and changes throughout the day as the available light changes.

wind/ spirit Feng Shui piece with glass bead, pearlescent paint

glass bead, florescent paint $780

brilliant colors dancing in a field of black spirit wind feng shui

Water is a large piece that began from a photograph of the water off of Manhattan Point in the summer. After treating it in the computer and printing it out I painted into it with five colors of pearlescent paint. The surface has a shimmer and a depth which is subtle yet sculptoral. $1,600 for this original piece.

water flows from blue to green to yellow sensuous and calming $1,600


Fire began as a photograph of blue tarp spread over a pile of lumber. Manipulation of this piece took months and I drew into it with India ink brushes and florescent paint.


fire to warm up a corporate space

Fire in the Feng Shui series 80 inches by 23 $1,600

the piece in a juried show in Vienna in 2009

flaming red, flowing yellow, orange flares in a volcanic scenario

Earth is a piece that looks like a map. The mountains and valleys of green float on an earthen brown. The original photo was a pile of lettuce chopped up on the counter. I drew into the piece with tiny brushes to give it meticulous detail and greater three dimensionality.

detail of Feng Shui series 24 inches by 82 inches $1,600.

Earth detail India Ink, acrylic paint $1,600 for large work

organic, multiple shades of green, planes exchange places for quirky presence

Metal began as a photograph of a Peace Rose with varigated petals. Each is pink and yellow. After loading the image in the computer, I manipulated it over a period of months. Once printed out the real work began. Pearlescent and Acrylic paint, Indian Ink tiny brushes and colored pens brought the three dimensionality out. This as all of my other pieces has “different life in differing light.” It changes throughout the day. $1,600. Talk to me about a “deal” price for all the Feng Shui series. Excellent in a contemporary sleek space to bring warmth and color.

shimmering neon exploding on gray field $1,600 Metal

My largest piece has shifting planes with the blacks and reds moving through the light. At 8 feet by 6 feet, it is perfect in a large space to create a contemporary statement. It began as a downshot at the Parkade next to the Kelowna library. The red originated as the railing, the grays were the cement stairs and shadows and light separated out into white and black.

five feet by eight feet black acrylic paint, pearlescence, India Ink $4,600

Red Black pearlescent paint, shifting planes, alive $4600

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