A change in the Weather, What next for the artist?

Dolphins sculpture Kelowna
The wind blows the Maple outside my window and the clouds cover the sky for the first time in weeks. Yesterday was all about reconnecting. A coffee brought to me in the morning, my son visiting with his dog, a friend going for a walk with me, communicating with two Face Book friends at night.
But the most basic communication is with self. I have to become more focused and see where I am heading. One of the things I have been engaged in recently is taking photos at night of things I see around Kelowna. Usual things seen with fresh eyes is the theme.

water like fire at night

Waiting through this pain
like my legs so numb
not moving
I look down and see
the progress I am making
is unclear
I cannot see the stones
I walk upon
Nor feel the contact
with the bottoms of
my feet.
Spirit, legs lift
I am hopeful
that just moving
will move me forward
to a new place
where I can dance again..
the beautiful shapes of water
Today I begin to make the shed into a studio, to get some painting done, to honor the gifts I have been given.
Do I know what will come?
I have the confidence to know I have vision and talent.

Those will be my guiding lights for now.the surface of the water is sculptoral

Is Life about Work?

Heritage Award for preservation of Veteran's houses

Heritage Award for preservation of Veteran

Sunshine is pushing against the two windows in the kitchen. The furnace sounds like the ocean during a storm. Air moving through the space where I am sitting is both cold and warm. Breezes of technology brushing across and under me. I awoke with an incipient migraine and my head full of lists.

As Pema Chondra recommends that we “keep out seat” and stay in a neutral place between manic and depressive, I am aware of the error of my ways. Work…businesses…running out of time. These adrenalized issues are once again playing out in my life.

I awake already two days behind. I have promised myself out to so many people. When I hear that a fellow artist needs publicity or help, I am triggered and attempt to help.

Currently I am finishing a CD jacket which promises to be very lovely and will be reflecting of the beautiful meditative compositions that Vernon multi-talented artist Devon Muhlert has written. But I have difficulty finding time to complete the project. The upcoming show for SOPA gallery called Under 8 is pressing and I have images to paint for that. Tuesday I have to prepare a presentation for the Central Okanagan Photographers’ lecture of Images of Europe.

Images of Europe show coming up Tuesday

Images of Europe show coming up Tuesday

I was attending the Okanagan Institute Board meetings until the projects just started piling up and I didn’t have the time. Artists@Work First Thursday Art Crawl needs to be organized more tightly for upcoming times when the tourists will appear like rescuers from our winter doldrums.

My neighbours Ray and Sarah Lewis have in essence carried the North End Resident’s Association on their already over burdened backs for the past three years, so I have stepped in to serve as the President this coming year. There is much to do.

Three other amazing artists will be part of the group show in Vienna, Austria in May and I have the graphics and conceptual statement to complete for that.

But it is strange how just when I think I am about to go mad with constant work, an opportunity opens up.

After the Central Okanagan Heritage Society presented our block, 500 Okanagan Boulevard, with a heritage award for maintaining the vets houses in such good repair, Cameron and I were dead tired and driving around. “Let’s go pick up food,” I suggested. We ended up doing something we haven’t done in over six months… we went out to dinner. The two of us sat alone at Yamato’s Restaurant under the four foot round string encased lights reminiscent of 60’s decor and the Japanese paper lanterns. We were across from one another at the acid green formica tables and had nothing to do but look at one another. I could feel the rhythm of my body set for scrimmage action: running without protective gear through the barriers of the day. I could see my mind flashing through the lists of things yet undone. I could step back and see how depleted I had become.

And Cameron was across from me. For the first time in months he didn’t have a computer in front of his face. Hey. He has eyes. He has really nice eyes. I think I could love this man. Yep!

So trusting that all will get done is work that I need to do. I even see that as work. Blocking in time to do nothing is important. Taking time to have dinner with my dear friend Lil, last night I got another chance to just sit and get grounded by the presence of another voice. Not just the voice in my head like the overseer of the one man crew of my body. The voice whipping me on to do yet more.

Learning to move from a place of love and security instead of a place of anxiety is what my lesson is. Learning to discipline myself to not spend money or put both my hands in the sugar bowl, figuratively speaking, when I feel anxious is my lesson.

But today. I sit here in my soft yellow bathrobe with my hair sticking up. The sun is knocking at two windows. The air is moving across me and it sounds like the beach. I will begin my projects and they will be completed. I will plan my journey to Vienna, my show for Artscape at the Kelowna Community Theatre, my drawing for the Okanagan Erotic Art Show, my lecture for COPS, my works for Sopa knowing that the universe supports me and that all will go well.

The idea that there will be a stopping point is both real and delusional. Now is the stopping point. The mind says, “When you finish this……” The promising mind entices me into the future. There is a stopping point and it is called death. And now. Pause.






What is art? Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art Show

Today I worked a few images that  are processed in the manner that is my practice. I selected photographs, worked the images in the Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 and then layered, highlighted and dropped worked images into worked images. Layering, distortion, filtering leads me to the jpg image. If a customer wishes to order an image from my bank… I print it out on canvas and the fun begins.

another sample at higher resolution

another sample at higher resolution

It is at this point in the process where I apply acrylic paint, metallic paint, India ink, metallic foil, various mediums including glass bead and tar.

The original pic of winter trees

The original pic of winter trees

Layer upon layer of processes lead me to the spot where I have a piece which has shifting planes and an energy that challenges the eye. It is all a dance of discovering and I joyfully lose myself in it.

So above are today’s images.

the image was sent in as jpg then printed

the image was sent in as jpg then printed

The Los Angeles public turned out

The Los Angeles public turned out

The show in Los Angeles sent through pictures of the opening at the Los Angeles centre for digital art. I am happy to share them with you. My image is tourquoise and was of a “reconstructed” aluminum paint tray.

Tourquoise aluminim paint tray second from top

Tourquoise aluminim paint tray second from top

All works were printed on paper

All works were printed on paper

My image is high up on the wall

My image is high up on the wall

Christmas Shows Kelowna’s Cultural Core

1. Ars Longa: nine person show

Art Exhibition and Sale

355 Cornish Road, Kelowna, B.C.

October 25th from 7 to 10 pm

Friday 24th, 12 to 6

Saturday 25th 10 to 5 pm

Sunday October 26 10 to 5 pm

2. “Reminiscence of Europe: Multi-media and photographic pictures of Rome, Florence, London, Paris.”

One Woman Show by artist Cherie Hanson

Unitarian Fellowship 1310 Bertram Street

November and December

Viewing available to all who rent the space

Open to the public 11:45 to 12:30 Sundays.

All images for sale. Just contact me.

3. Potters and Artisans 18th Annual Christmas Show and Sale

High Quality arts and crafts, gifts for every occasion

November 7, 8, 9. at the Rotary Centre for the Arts.

421 Cawston Avenue, Kelowna. B.C.

Friday 5-9, Saturday 10-8 and Sun. 9:30-4:30.

4. Livessence; A gift of color

November 14th and 15th in the Rotary Centre for the Arts Atrium

colorful drawings and paintings from figurative artist members of Livessence.

5. Salon Refuse

November 1st

Presented by the Artists@Work group of resident artists

Rotary Centre for the Arts.

Great place and time to pick up gifts of art at a new, lower price.

6. “Off the Wall” art extravaganza

November 7, 7:30 – 10 pm

Food, champagne, live entertainment $100 for two people

art sale fun-raiser for the Summerland Art Gallery

Mainstreet, Summerland

contact slandarts@telus.net

Gray Globe

7. Gallerie Diamante

On line Auction

33 artist/50 works of art


You don’t have to go 100 miles to find spectacular gifts of art.