Art Walk and Beyond: What keeps an artist going?

Shows, submissions, sales. The ssssing sound of energy.

working on the pieces in my studio

working on the pieces in my studio

On November 14th I will have a show at Kalamalka Library in Vernon. A supportive friend has provided the possibility for another show in a show home. Wilden show home by Authentec still houses some of my mixed media pieces. Some time in the future I will be hanging work again for Artscape in Kelowna.

smaqll threads are glued on the surface of this canvas piece

small threads are glued on the surface of this canvas piece

But last weekend, it was Art Walk.

red brick wall circle

red brick wall circle

Over six thousand people came past each day. Being with friends around me, fellow artists, was really enjoyable.

mixed media on canvas

mixed media on canvas

The images that I selected for the show are always a bit of a gamble. Does one select works that the public might understand, or does one go to the works that one loves.

My friend Rose looked great with two of my works around her.

My friend Rose looked great with two of my works around her.

This year I created mixed media pieces that I responded deeply to. Color. Moving Planes. Vibrancy. These were the direction that I explored.

Embrace is a sensual exploration of two people

Embrace is a sensual exploration of two people

What constitutes a luxurious lifestyle?

original photo of 1950's wall paper

original photo of 1950

Almost a vacation day, I got eight hours sleep. Then after the morning drink we sat mediation. Answering mail, loading up facebook with images and finishing the graphics for the CD cover left me with time to do the laundry, do the dishes and clean the kitchen floor. Yahoo!

I can move on to cleaning the pantry and getting work done for the Erotic Art show. For me erotic is chocolate, flowers, lace and hands. I am a true Victorian in my appreciation of the glimpse as opposed to the surgical thrust of sexuality. Having a view of anatomical parts is not particularly erotic. Seeing skin in beautiful life, the texture across the petal of a flower, smelling fresh sea air these are things that stir the sense of passion and sense of being fully alive and present.

If one postulates that erotic is only that which causes alarm or shock in others, one does not “hold ground”. This person is moving from place to place to confront imagined enemies. That is why so often an adolescent will do something shocking just to be different. Being different on purpose means being different from yourself. Actions flow from who you are. There is no “other”. There is no “audience”. There is only interior voice singing its song to you.

Today is almost a day off and I have slowed down to hear the singing.

Sunday is meant for sitting.

design your wall wallpaper

design your wall wallpaper

Today we began the day by getting caught up on some of the cleaning and attending to that which had piled up during the week. Piles of laundry, paper, magazines, sandy memories of walking from the street into the house. Once the dishwasher was “BaToosh BaTooshing” I got the laundry going “Ftttlt FttltFttlting” and Cameron was on the vaccume cleaner “whoaaa whoaaa whoaa”.

When the surfaces were oiled the crevices free of grit and the fluff of dust, we sat meditation on impermanance. My mind kept going to the impermanance of clean, the impermanance of  those moments of balance when all seems calm, the impermanance of dirty snow and dead dried plants sticking through the unavailable soil. It all changes. Mist, sound, clouds, breath. Our lives, our nations, our planet swirling from one shape to another.

And then my mind went, inevitably to problem solving. Do.  Do. My mind has me in its grip. I have decided that I can create a video projected as Rian does that morphs images like Matthias’ work into a final image reminiscent of Jean Francois’ work. It was a thought.

Following a plan seems almost impossible for us since we are so project based. Things cycle through our lives so perhaps for us to contemplate impermanance is not such a stretch. A project done is ejected into deep space. Our eyes now alight on another goal.

Depletion of resources is the core difficulty. How does one remain productive, expansive, curious when the body and mind are contracted and still with fatigue? Creativity relies on a certain ease with self. Go back to the well. Find the oasis within. That is the discipline.

Remaining at rest results from knowing that there is no remaining. Interesting….

What is art? Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art Show

Today I worked a few images that  are processed in the manner that is my practice. I selected photographs, worked the images in the Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 and then layered, highlighted and dropped worked images into worked images. Layering, distortion, filtering leads me to the jpg image. If a customer wishes to order an image from my bank… I print it out on canvas and the fun begins.

another sample at higher resolution

another sample at higher resolution

It is at this point in the process where I apply acrylic paint, metallic paint, India ink, metallic foil, various mediums including glass bead and tar.

The original pic of winter trees

The original pic of winter trees

Layer upon layer of processes lead me to the spot where I have a piece which has shifting planes and an energy that challenges the eye. It is all a dance of discovering and I joyfully lose myself in it.

So above are today’s images.

the image was sent in as jpg then printed

the image was sent in as jpg then printed

The Los Angeles public turned out

The Los Angeles public turned out

The show in Los Angeles sent through pictures of the opening at the Los Angeles centre for digital art. I am happy to share them with you. My image is tourquoise and was of a “reconstructed” aluminum paint tray.

Tourquoise aluminim paint tray second from top

Tourquoise aluminim paint tray second from top

All works were printed on paper

All works were printed on paper

My image is high up on the wall

My image is high up on the wall

Art for those on the Forward Edge

The glow of windows on the fabric of life, digital

I have been thinking a lot lately about who the perfect customer is for my art. Those who seem to fall in love with it are graphic and fine art students. Others are people who live in several cities. And, also, healing practictioners love the fields of energy depicted in my work. What have these people have in common: not income, not age demographics, not philosophy of life. They are all very much into exploring the Urban environment and finding unique ways to express themselves. Hence the slogan…

Another concept that I have been able to stand back and formulate from observing my work is that it has different life in differing light. Because Kelowna is brilliantly tropical in lighting over the summer and then plunged into a gloomy gray throughout most of the rest of the year, a work of art has to live in different levels of illumination. I have been painting into the images with the idea of giving the work a totally distinct personality depending on the conditions. The background blacks move to the forefront as the evening arrives and the art light bathes the surface. During mid day, the light washes over the surface and brings up the metallics, the layering of green, gold, red or blue beneath the glass bead. At times, the foreground is one structure and at another time of day, the foreground is another structure.

Like the personality of individuals, there is a shifting of qualities. Also, I have begun to realize that what I am painting IS energy fields. It is interesting to see that so much of my life experience is in my work: dance training, theatrical training, lyrical love of music and spiritual practice. The work has found me, I have not found it. I let the work itself drive the exploration.

We watched a dvd last night called “Cooking your Life.” Focused on a Zen retreat whereby the participants cook and bake in order to explore themselves, the video is inspiring. One Zen student said, “When people ask, ‘ how are you?’ I answer, ‘I am baking bread.’ ” When people say to me how do you get the idea for your art, I know that the art has the idea of me.


Thank You, Rick Mercer

Original image is of a paint tray


Chris Reid, the recently dumped Conservative candidate in Toronto centre believes socialism has turned us into a nation of effeminates. How else, the longtime conservative activist argues, can we explain how a deranged killer managed to decapitate someone on a greyhound bus? It turns out that it’s not the killer’s fault. It is the fault of the limp wristed schmucks who were trying to catch some shut-eye between Portage la Prairie and Brandon, Manitoba. The solution Mr. Reid believes is to simply arm the population – or at least the women and homosexuals – with concealed handguns.

Personally, I’m hoping that in the future this bright young man takes a run for the Conservative party leadership. It would make for an interesting campaign – homosexuals of Canada, lay down your Botox needles and pick up a Colt .45.

Are we a nation of effeminates as Reid suggests? I’m not sure. I do know that if I’m ever on a bus when the stabbing starts – call me whatever you want because I’ll be the one screaming like a girl and heading for the exits.

And then there is Ryan Warawa. Mr. Warawa, the current Conservative candidate in Vancouver East thinks Canada’s defense Minister Peter McKay is actually a pipsqueak and not fit for public office. Mr. Warawa is a new type of Tory who calls male politicians he doesn’t like “bitches” and “whores”, believes that heroin should be legalized, and that prostitutes should work in legal brothels so we can tax them on their activities.

Among Conservatives there is a lot of grass root support for Chris Reid’s brand of conservatism. He wants to close the CBC, scrap the Indian act and seems to have deep seated rage issues – but team Harper still dumped him for his views. Word is Harper draws the line at homosexuals with guns; and really, considering his record on that file I can’t say I blame him.

As for the pro drug, pro prostitution Warawa, he still remains Stephen Harper’s chosen candidate in Vancouver East. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s office says the Mr. Warawa has, as of three days ago, changed his views and no longer believes anything he ever said on any issue whatsoever. Rumour is that once his blog came to light he was immediately run through a Conservative reeducation camp. A few pistol whips from a flack jacket wearing Peter McKay (“Who’s the bitch now Warawa?”) topped off with a chemical lobotomy and the boy is good as new, a virtual Bev Oda – happy to be seen and not heard from ever again. He will make a hell of a cabinet minister someday.

By the sounds of it, when it comes to dealing with party dissidents, the Chinese government could learn a thing or two from our sweater wearing prime minister.

Of course, as voters, we only know what Mr. Reid and Mr. Warawa actually believe because they have both, in the past, had online blogs.

The irony is, like most blogs, nobody really read them at the time – ordinary Canadians don’t spend a lot of time reading blogs because ordinary Canadians know that blogs are basically the domain of idiots, mad people and news anchors. This is by and large true. I should know, I’ve had one for years. And like most bloggers I have a love hate relationship with my online diary.

At first it was a heady experience. I would go online and in seconds whatever thought was running through my head was available for the entire world to read.

Like most bloggers (and perhaps my audience of family and friends) I quickly grew tired of my own thoughts and instead of updating my blog five times a day I started aiming for once a week and then once a month. Somehow the world survived.

But now I love blogs again. Blogs are serving an exciting new purpose: making politics interesting again. When I turn on the news and hear that another candidate is in trouble because of something they said on their blog I am like a kid at Christmas.

We are in a brave new time. In this election, like all of them before, there are people stepping forward for the first time. Candidates in their 20s and 30s (Reid is 28 years old, Warwa is 32) represent a generation of Canadians who’s every movement from the womb to the ballot has been electronically recorded.

A home video camera didn’t just roll on their first adorable steps and their first header into the coffee table; it was also running when they smoked lousy hash in an apple and then opened their zipper, pulled out their front pockets, exposed their man-tackle and did the elephant impersonation. There are now candidates running for all parties who know that their every embarrassing moment at university has been forever cached in numerous Facebook profiles. And this new generation of politician have all, for the most part, experimented with blogging.

This is a harsh contrast to our current crop of politicians sitting in parliament, the vast majority of whom have no idea how to power up a laptop let alone publish every bizarre opinion and thought they have ever had without a spell check, let alone a sober second thought.

It will change the face of elections forever.

Who will run? In the past politicians had to survive a party background check if they wanted to offer themselves for public office. And by and large most Canadians could pull that off. The question for candidates of the future will be “can you survive a detailed Google search?” Who among us will be us can do such a thing?

I know I won’t be able to. When I read back through my blog archive I see opinions that make me cringe. I come off alternately as a crazed left leaning liberal and a crazed right leaning conservative; rarely does any opinion come across as moderate. Because let’s face it, on the World Wide Web, that’s just not interesting. Taken out of context I would be sunk.

And yes I have published, with the aid of photo shop, photos of Stephen Harper, Stephane Dion and Jack Layton in situations that would be considered by most community standards to be disrespectful and tasteless, but by my standards is good clean fun.

Luckily I have no immediate plans to change occupations. So by all means feel free to check them out at – destroying my future in public life since 2005.

Art In Kelowna ( all works on this site are for sale)

red structure, 36 x 27 $675

As the Artists@Work group plans for the First Thursday Art Crawl on May 1st, prepares for the Life & Arts Festival; as Livessence gathers together works for the Lattitudes show; as I am getting pieces together to send to a show in Toronto and preparing two shows for this summer it looks deceptively quiet at the Rotary Centre. Underneath, all of this activity is going on.

Canadian Beige Off Set  36 by 27 $675 multi-media

My goal to have a gallery up on this site is awaiting my technical waterwings… support from the guy who knows these things. I am good at finding his shoes, he is good at finding me new software. Seems fair somehow in the great scheme of things.

canadian beige vortex multi-media

I watched Oprah’s last installment last night, or rather listened as I painted some of the new works I am preparing for the Summerland show. The feeling of running in wet sand has been rather overwhelming lately. All of the people I know are working in a very concentrated and inspired manner on their art, hoping that eventually Kelowna will be perceived as a destination for art tourism.

canadian beige triangle

We are hoping that once enough pieces of the puzzle are put together… the big picture will be the result.

Upcoming exhibits and monthly art crawl

zephyr moons


There are a lot of things happening in my life. Art shows are coming up. Pieces are selling. I am moving into the multi-media, non representational, abstract geometric realm with gusto. Several years of secretly working these images has given me the confidence to start putting them out there. The images originate from my childhood when I would close my eyes when hearing music and see shapes and colors dancing. Now they dance for all to see.







You are invited to the following local exhibits by artist Cherie Hanson, Studio 205.


From April until October the Artists@Work group invites the public to the First Thursday Art Crawl at the Rotary Centre for the Arts, 421 Cawston Avenue, Kelowna, B.C. from 4 pm until 7 pm the first Thursday of each of the six months from April until October. Free Food, music and a chance to visit with the participating artists makes this a must-attend event.


July 1, 7 pm to 8:30 pm Opening reception for “Retrospective: A Second Life,” one woman show in Rotary Centre for the Arts Galleria and Atrium, 421 Cawston Avenue, Kelowna, B.C.


August 28 – September 27,Study in Transposition,” multi-media/digital abstract art. Summerland Art Gallery, 9533 Main Street, Summerland. B.C. The gallery is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 am – 4 pm. Sunday from 1:00 pm – 4 pm. Opening reception to be announced.
The definition for Abstract art is art that departs significantly from natural appearances. Forms are modified or changed to varying degrees in order to emphasize certain qualities or content. Recognizable references to original appearances may be slight. The term is also used to describe art that is nonrepresentational. Artist Cherie Hanson begins with a photograph that holds meaning for her and abstracts it. The resulting image is bold, colorful and visually intense. Foreground, mid ground and background shifts as well as movement on the surface of the image create images which “dance on canvas”.


September, 2008, Bean Scene North, “Rivers of Europe,” Giclee/multi-media photography of the artist’s visit to Florence, Rome, London and Paris. A series of large images taken in winter 2007 of the Seine, Arno, Tiber and Thames.


“What a society deems important is enshrined in its art”
Harry Broudy

“By enriching every aspect of life, the arts contribute to the quality of life in every community.” David R. Goode


Chairman, President
Norfolk Southern Corporation