How do you incorporate art into everyday life?

Art is my life. I am also exploring a spiritual path that leads away from the briar patch of anxiety, jealousy and tears of low self-esteem. Up the mountain… my eyes are looking. So every day I sit meditation and watch my ego mind chattering, swinging through the low lying branches and just observe. One suggestion that a long time student offered was to visualize the ego as an animal and give it a name.

Open to Passion inspirational doorstop

Open to Passion inspirational doorstop

Then when the ego appears, remember discipline. Gentleness. Not anger is the way to a calmer co-relationship. My ego is a chimpanzee much like the one who used to be in the Tarzan series on TV in the 50’s. Her name is Cheetah and she puts up a god awful racket.

Open the Door to Passion inspirational door stop on Etsy

Open the Door to Passion inspirational door stop on Etsy

She can talk, she can swing agilely from one idea to another, from one branch to another with her lips curled out. She is also amazingly clever. A real entertainer is this ego creature. But don’t be fooled. She has teeth and will either attack or throw her long arms about and sulk noisily if she doesn’t get her way.

Consequently, I need every tool I can find to deal with 65 years of programming. This is where the idea for my newest art pieces came from.

Open to health

Open to health

My husband has pieces of wood left over when he made our back gate. “Doorstops,” he said. “You like to paint everything. Why don’t you make doorstops?”

Open to Health from Etsy shop

Open to Health from Etsy shop

So…. things have been slow because I have been going to physio twice a week trying to get the pressure on my nerve from my neck to my hands to lessen.

Open to Health from Etsy Splash Over Designs

Open to Health from Etsy Splash Over Designs

I have used the time between appointments and recovery from appointments to do this small project. OPEN THE DOOR Inspirational pieces have been really fun and not laborious. My mind is quiet when I paint.

Cheetah sleeps somewhere in the overhead trees.

Open to Love waves of color with green jewels

Open to Love waves of color with green jewels

Here are the pieces that I have completed so far. All are for sale on my Etsy shop SPLASH OVER DESIGNS at $20 each.

Open to Joy rhinestones on flowers

Open to Joy rhinestones on flowers

What was I doing when I lost my focus?

Summer heat, body resists.

I sit on the step and watch the bees

busy in lavender

losing their way. Quick flight

returning to purple blossoms

visited only a moment before,


I wonder:

Are they getting essence from a repeated flower

but the setting down, fly away

so quick

impossible to tell.

Are they like me,

losing track? Activity itself

becomes the goal

among depleted blooms.

How can you get creative in the Okanagan Sun?

Creative in Summer: Poetry and Photography

1. The Outdoor Poet: July 18 9 am – 2 pm

self portrait with triangles

self portrait with triangles

Cherie Hanson holds an M.A. in English with a concentration in Contemporary Poetry from UBC, Vancouver. She was one of six poets selected from across Canada for the Sage Hill Experience workshop. Her poetry received recognition from the Surrey Writer’s Conference. Study with this imaginative writer with over twenty years experience as a teacher in a beautiful outdoor setting.

He was a fool, poem on fabric

He was a fool, poem on fabric

2. Digital Photographic Art: July 25 9 am – 2 pm
Cherie has been a guest judge for the Central Okanagan Photographers club, the Light Room and the Okanagan Film Festival Society. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Okanagan, in Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton and Prince George. More recently, she has been selected for shows in Florence, Italy: Ferrar, Italy: Vienna, Austria: Los Angeles: Sacramento. Learn how to select, crop and treat photographs with soft ware to take them from so so to stunning.

UBC Okanagan Continuing Studies

Tel: (250) 807-9981

Jazz, Classes and Arts News Kelowna

Was that sunshine out there? Welcome to Spring.

Cameron’s News:
March 31st Cameron plays with Jane Eamon at Ministrel’s Cafe
Cover Charge is usual

Sitting in with Jennifer Scott and Bernie

Sitting in with Jennifer Scott and Bernie

April 17th Cameron plays at Peachland Civic Awards at 6:30
Danny Sameshima trio

Cameron is well on the way to getting his
Contractor’s Licence.
We will celebrate his ability to pull his own permit ( not as naughty as it sounds.)
He is an full electrician with red seal and is skilled at other home improvement tasks.

Cherie’s News:

Cherie is now President of her neighbourhood association and is looking for other
past or current residents of Kelowna’s North End to join the North End Facebook group.

The NERA meeting is March 25th in the Ellis St. Library, upstairs room

April 4th Cherie’s workshop: UBC-O Continuing Services class on Digital Photograph
from 10-4 pm still has room
Phone: 250.807.8177
Fax:  250.807.9155

Further Classes offered in her studio are:
April 6th 6-8 Selecting the Image: How to choose a “shot”
$45 adults and teens

April 8th 6-8 Starting with You: Finding what matters in photography
$45 adults and teens

April 11th 10-2 Workshop on Keepsake handmade book: Gift of Yourself
All materials supplied. Bring a keepsake or two to include
$50 adults and teens

Also at the library, April 29th from 7-8 An Artist’s Eye: Photographs of Europe
Discussing the Artscape exhibition currently at the Kelowna Community Theatre until end of April

Cherie is preparing for the group curated show DISPARATE VOICES
Stiegenhaus Gallery, Vienna, Austria. May 8th to May 16th.
The artists Jean-Francois Provost, Quebec; Rian Kerrane, Art Professor, University of Colorado; Matthias Schmidt, Ph.D. student Austria.

Cherie is looking for submissions to her twice a month column on entitled Find Art. Any event in the arts in Kelowna, free listing. or 1-250-763-4269

The soft evening of the spring with lights dancing

The soft evening of the spring with lights dancing

Does spring take courage?

With sun the dust returns.

The plants are gray with fuzz

they grew instead of leaves.

The windows are coated with handprints

of breathing air  pressed upon the glass

and underfoot

the necessary sand

that held us to winter walkways

has moved in

to make the house a beach.

We are on the shore of seasons.

Neither warmth nor winter’s shut down gratitude

Now is the restless season.

So many souls have

chosen to depart.

Spring takes an energy

depleted bodies

cannot find.

It is the cusp

of life and death.

I grieve the passing of so many

and wait for the sun

to offer warmth as well

as clarity.

Often the sound of voice is all that is left

Often the sound of voice is all that is left

I came out of the gate of life like a racehorse. At the age of 17 I was attending university where I earned a B.A in arts and a B.Ed. in secondary education from Western Washington University in Bellingham. I minored in Philosophy, Modern Dance and Art. I began studies for an M.FA in creative writing and stopped just short of a full degree. Moving to Vancouver, B.C. I completed a M.A. in Contemporary Poetry under the well-known Warren Tallman. I taught as a T.A. at both Western Washington and at UBC.
Now, after over twenty years as an English high school teacher and as a Acting teacher, I am a working visual artist and writer.
My background connects me to all forms of art in the Okanagan for the 30 plus years I have lived here. I was a founding member of the Vernon Dance School, the City of Kelowna Arts Foundation, the Okanagan Film Festival Society. I wrote, produced and directed plays and was on the executive of Theatre Kelowna. As a columnist for B.C. Musician Magazine I wrote the jazz column for over three years. My husband, Cameron, is an accomplished jazz musician in the valley. So my roots in the art community run deep and wide. Visual art, poetry, non-fiction writing, theatre, dance, and jazz have all enriched my life. My goal is to help other artists in Kelowna to bring joy to the public. I will happily give publicity to any artist with no prejudice…as long as “no animals are hurt in the production.” Tell me about it and I will spread the good news.

Show I was in in Ferrar Italy

Show I was in in Ferrar Italy

New Year’s Resolution kept by what percent of the population?

Couple in inner city park $5 fridge magnet

Couple in inner city park $5 fridge magnet

According to Ross Freake in today’s Courier, only 28% of people keep their new year’s resolutions. My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to be more mindful of my use of time.

$5 mdf fridge magnet, tropical flowers

$5 mdf fridge magnet, tropical flowers

Old patterns are easy. Like trenches down a hill side, the water of time runs in those dug out places that practice has created. Did it work? Is it the best use of my time? Is it moving me toward my goals? These are questions I have looked at all morning.

magnet collection on cookie sheet, each for sale by artist

magnet collection on cookie sheet, each for sale by artist

My body wants to leap up and begin to do that which the mind has trained it to do, but I resisted and sat for hours this morning drawing up a calendar. Most of the morning passed in examining last year and looking toward next year. What is it I want? What can I do to move toward that which I want?

Cheerful flowers with jewels, $10

Cheerful flowers with jewels, $10

Calendar. Blocking out time. Watching the mind as it pulls like a four year old on one’s hands to become engaged in ceaseless and senseless activity.

Promoting my classes is a priority and allowing others to view my work for sale is right up there as well.


Jan 10th, Saturday 10 am to 2 pm

A Gift of Yourself: Creating a Chapbook

Make a stunning hand made book of images, pictures, poems

Adult and Teen, $50

$5 comic fridge magnet

$5 comic fridge magnet

Jan 17th, Saturday 10  to 2 pm

Making Scrapbook Cards

Ages 11-16, $50

$5, mdf magnet StarFire

$5, mdf magnet StarFire

Jan 24, 10-1pm

Poetry for the Fun of It

Explore your creative side in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere

Ages 14-17

Pink nude standing, heart jewel earrings

Pink nude standing, heart jewel earrings

Jan 26 – March 9 Term Class

The Craft of Creative Writing

Explore Blog writing, creative non-fiction, creative fiction

with support and guidance.

UBC Continuing Studies studies


hand painted nude magnet $5

hand painted nude magnet $5

Jan 31, 10-2 pm

Writing Colorful Poetry

Use your love of color to inspire beautiful poetry

Adults and teens, $50

$10 hand painted fridge magnet, blue waves

$10 hand painted fridge magnet, blue waves