What Gifts are Best for Christmas? Buy original art

Penticton Art Gallery now has two pieces of mine for their pre-Christmas sale, I will be in a show at the Rotary Centre for the Arts for three days November 12th on, then the next week Gallery Vertigo is letting me have a show at the Kalamalka Campus. Summerland Art Gallery is holding a pre-Christmas sale of art cards and books which has motivated me to get producing again.

photograph of my hand shadow on a scrap book page

photograph of my hand shadow on a scrap book page

Hand made books are a real pleasure to create and I want to have three or four more ready for Gallery Vertigo’s book store.

This thursday I will be in the Rotary Centre for our First Thursday Open house. Last month 30 students from UBC attended and it was lovely to have a chance to meet the up and coming art teachers that will be inspiring students in the high schools and elmentary schools.

texture abounds in this piece for a CD cover

texture abounds in this piece for a CD cover

I am a featured artist in Homes for the Holidays and will be putting up the pieces that I created next week in the show home. All of those great photos I took one day last winter after a heavy snow fall should look great in this old fashioned christmas themed open house.

star gazer lily in my neighbours yard

star gazer lily in my neighbours yard

Meanwhile, I am organizing an all candidates meeting to get more interest in the election. Only 22% of citizens turned out at the last election and there seems to be a more prevasive kind of negative inertia in our town. People are quick to complain and critize but don’t go out to the cities open houses or respond to on line surveys. I guess it is human nature to have everything be alright until it seems to be all wrong. What about the place between?

Sutherland park after fresh snow

Sutherland park after fresh snow

Cold weather, art, politics. That is my life right now. Happy November.

What constitutes a luxurious lifestyle?

original photo of 1950's wall paper

original photo of 1950

Almost a vacation day, I got eight hours sleep. Then after the morning drink we sat mediation. Answering mail, loading up facebook with images and finishing the graphics for the CD cover left me with time to do the laundry, do the dishes and clean the kitchen floor. Yahoo!

I can move on to cleaning the pantry and getting work done for the Erotic Art show. For me erotic is chocolate, flowers, lace and hands. I am a true Victorian in my appreciation of the glimpse as opposed to the surgical thrust of sexuality. Having a view of anatomical parts is not particularly erotic. Seeing skin in beautiful life, the texture across the petal of a flower, smelling fresh sea air these are things that stir the sense of passion and sense of being fully alive and present.

If one postulates that erotic is only that which causes alarm or shock in others, one does not “hold ground”. This person is moving from place to place to confront imagined enemies. That is why so often an adolescent will do something shocking just to be different. Being different on purpose means being different from yourself. Actions flow from who you are. There is no “other”. There is no “audience”. There is only interior voice singing its song to you.

Today is almost a day off and I have slowed down to hear the singing.

Kelowna artist prepares for international show

fleuron image with jewel tones

fleuron image with jewel tones

Preparing for the show in Vienna is exciting and challenging. First of all there is the difficulty of artists from around the world communicating. The languages we are working through are English, German and French. In addition, there is the issue of the language which we each speak in our art.

http://www.riankerrane.com/At the Biennale in 2007, Rian from Ireland cut out imprints of roses hung from the ceiling with fish hooks hidden in the swaying piece.

Matthias has images which work with negative space and that are technically adept and skillful. The image is only partially there but the part which is present is meticulous. There is a tension between that which is “spelled out” and that which is left to the viewer. Jean Francois Provost does mixed media pieces that are textured abstracts. This Quebec artist has an impressive bio.:


It fascinates me that I will get the opportunity to meet, learn from and network with a fellow Canadian in Vienna. He also was at the Florence Biennale in 2007; however, I did not actually meet him while I was there.

Preparing ten pieces to fill the two story gallery space will be a challenge and I have to think carefully about how to best select pieces that make a group statement while not breaking our financial back at the same time. Also, the tentative name for the show is Disparate Voices or some spin on that. I have to work that through so that I can compose a concept statement in English. Jean Francois will compose the French and Matthias is in charge of the German rendition.

Cameron will be playing bass at the opening with a local, accomplished guitar player. Perhaps they will have the opportunity to skype in the coming weeks.

So much to do. I have to bring order to the house, pick up art work today for sale at a local gallery, finish my paperwork for the UBC O payroll people and tonight the joyful opportunity to pick up the Heritage Conservation Award from Kelowna’s Heritage Society. My days are full and productive. For information about the heritage society:http://www.okheritagesociety.com/index.html

And, the magpie next door is working to build his nest. It is officially spring.