Art Business Blogs: Do they Help?

Planes of Gold 40 x 40 $1040 mixed media on canvas

Planes of Gold 40 x 40 $1040 mixed media on canvas

I have frequently visited and learned a great deal from Art Blogs.

Other artists teach me much about defining what it is I am doing

in terms of the business of art. However,I still feel like it is an

up hill battle. Most of the Art Biz is about being brass balls as far

as I can see.

There are those I know who have a depth of talent

that makes me gasp in wonder. The technical ability is stunning.

They have a committment to a vision. The work ethic is in place.

They do not cycle in and out of creating but are caught up in

the passion. What stands in the way of taking that talent

out and showing it off is frequently just shyness, an

interest in not taking the focus off of others and a feeling

that if they promote themselves too loudly,

they are being unduly unkind or competitive.

So when does being an artist shade into being an

aggressive, self-promoting salesperson? When does

selling start to become the focus ahead of working on

oneself and one’s skills? When does being a salesperson

start to erode being an artist? It is an interesting question

and finally, one has to ask oneself what the goal is.

When the exploration of self, technique and expression

become secondary to standing in the market place ringing

a bell and yelling,” Art for sale. Come and get your art for sale.”

is actually taking the time and energy away from inspiration

it is a creativity killer.

I was listening to Lips and his bass player from ANVIL the

Canadian heavy metal due who were the first and best in

the metal scene. They inspired all of the major “successful”

metal bands. But they missed out on success.

They have mundane jobs and have garnered little

notice until the documentary ANVIL: the documentary

on ANVIL was produced. In the interview Lips said

something that really resonated with me.

He said that if you are depending on your art to

make you money, you have to give up being an artist.

If you make your money in another form, the art

can have a life of its own.

It reminded me of the advice that I had read when

I was taking a M.F.A in creative writing poetry at

Western Washington. If you want to write, don’t

get a job teaching writing. It just sucks the soul

out of your own writing.

How do those with amazing talent such

as the musiciansin ANVIL get overlooked

and others with repetitive,bubble gum

music make it big? The question is about

walking the thin line. Staying in the “light” and

operating from a deep, soul driven place. Yet

somehow being able to capture moments when

a profit can be made from the beauty

that you have been given the blessing to produce.

Stepping back and looking over the landscape

of marketing and being an artist, the final words

is about staying focused on the act of creativity.

Staying active and being willing to constantly

learn from life and from others while at the

same time believing in that which you are called

to create.

Make sure that you know

what success means for you and that you are not using

your art to fill a hole in your self-esteem. That is

like making love to a ghost. Very little fulfillment

in the romance can ever be achieved.

50 x 38 $1235 mixed media, brilliant experience on canvas

50 x 38 $1235 mixed media, brilliant experience on canvas

For me, the main work is always internal.

Knowing what I want to say and why is the

main focus. Feeling the security of being

alright in myself as I work my way

through a competitive world is the major difficulty.

How big is yours? Ego, sales, voice, bell ringing.

The struggle is internal as I recognize that my sense of self

cannot rely on what others reflect back to me.

It is not a competition as my husband

so often reminds me, “Life is an exposition.”

As we live, we expose more and more

of who we are. To ourselves and to others.

Now I have to go do a mail out publizing my

writing workshops for UBC-O Continuing Studies.

After all, the bills have to be paid.