Bean Scene North, Photography Art Show

I have hung my photographic work at the Bean Scene North on Ellis Street. When one work depicting Florence sold, I put another image of an old fence with lichen on it. The larger photos for Art Walk in Winfield have come out beautifully on the canvas. As soon as Cameron gets time, I can put up one of those in the Bean Scene.

The one woman show in Summerland and the Art Walk exhibition are the two large collections that I need to complete. …

The piece for Woman Made Gallery has still to be stretched.

So many things to do, to complete. As I was mowing the lawn, the heliopsis were spectacular in the last light. They seemed to burn with a vibrating energy from within. Funny, I was thinking just two days ago of shearing them down… too floppy. But tonight as I moved around them in a circle with the push mower, they were like candles of color. Brave. Brilliant.