Thursday in the Okanagan: Autumn poem

Leaves gone

the pieces of golden yellow

ripped from  trees


the grey sky hanging bare

Just overhead

ceiling off  summer Optimism.

inside all alone

dim in small rooms

cut off from neighbours by the cold

until the snow,

when we will shovel our paths

to meet

and complain over

sand and salt piles

warming to the topic

of the weather.

Self portrait paper 18 x 24 $200

Classes offered through Vernon Community Arts Centre

Making Scrapbook cards or Chapbooks for Young People
Category: Literary Arts
Season: Fall
Age Group: Youth   for this class
(Ages 14 to 17)
Saturday, November 1st, 10 am-l pm.
Members: $20 Non-members:$30 Mat Fee: $15
The class will be an exploration of how to combine scrapbooking with writing to create art cards or small chapbooks that can be taken home. Come with an idea of who you want to receive a gift and make them a spectacular present of yourself. Sticky, exploratory fun with papers, punches, ribbons and WORDS.

A Gift of Yourself: Creating a Chapbook as a Heritage Item
Category: Literary Arts
Season: Fall
Age Group: Adult   for this class
(Adult and 16/17 year olds)
Saturday, December 6th/10 am -2 pm
Members:$30 Non-members: $40 Mat Fee: $15
This class will lead the students to create a chapbook or small handmade book that is a treasure to give. Bring photographs that you want to give to others or your life, your hobbies, what you value. The group will create a handmade, small book of images and either poems or commentary that can be a keepsake for years to come. This is a true gift, not a commercialized common present. Cherie Hanson has taught writing, poetry and scrapbook.

Elections, Elections, Elections… democracy in inaction

Hey now that the Canadian public has expressed their support of the government by largely staying home or casting stingy ballads to keep the minority whirligig going, we in Kelowna are being entertained by watching the U.S. Elections.

The Sarah Palin halloween costume information that came in today from ehow pretty much attests to how fervidly the American public is focussed on the issues. I guess if you can’t count on a job, get medical coverage, or keep your house… you can always play dress up. High School Musical is over the top in attendance because of the 30’s musical phenomenon. When you can’t stand reality, go see a bunch of people sing and dance. You can’t afford clothing for your kids, go watch costumed actors joyously trotting around a stage. Distraction is a great anesthetic.

Here in Kelowna we have a three ring circus of candidates running for city council. Small signs with black and white names, medium signs with candidate’s pictures and one young man has very, very large pictures of his coiffed and manicured self plastered around every corner. We are a conservatively conservative district and name recognition is paramount for victory. It is interesting to watch people RUN for office long enough so that we know the name.

How many times have I been introduced to people and had them say to me, “Oh, I know you. I just can’t think of why.” Hey thirty years in this valley and getting your name in the paper occasionally and now one is famous….. for being famous. No one actual noticed what I was saying, doing, organizing or advocating. See I could run for office with no platform. Perhaps it would be the best way. Oh and a very, very large picture.

Reading Glasses

36 x 24 canvas multi-media piece

36 x 24 canvas multi-media piece

Since I have had lazer eye surgery I have terrific long distance viewing pleasure. Clouds are floating in clarity above my head. Down the street I can see the one white ear of the neighbours black cat. I can tell is someone is grimcing or smiling as he or she moves down the sidewalk.

But… I can’t see up close. All of my life the world has been a haze, a blurr, a romantic mist beyond the distance of my elbows. Now it is reversed. Stubbornly, I refuse to grab my glasses before I attempt to do work up close. The results should have been enough to instruct me about the necessity of a new pattern.

I have eaten glass in my food, taken the cat’s thyroid pills when I had a migraine and yesterday I experienced what it is like to “be” my husband when I took his pills. Needless to go into details but all of the ailments that go with being a middle-aged man I ameliorated with his perscriptions. I spent most of the day laying down or in the toilet. For a person with very low blood pressure and, perhaps, hypothyroid, it was a less than sterling day.

My ears were ringing, my breath was labored and even while laying down I felt like I was working out. I knew enough not to struggle and just wait for time to flush everything through.

Now, have I learned to put on my glasses before I do something potentially hazardous, like eat or use a knife. One can only hope.

Today I loaded up new images to my face book page and secured the wonderful music of the KSS jazz band kids at our First Thursday Art Crawl at the Rotary Centre for the Arts from 4 until 7 pm November 6th. Art, music, food for those who come down to 421 Cawston Avenue, Kelowna, B.C.

Competition at www.saatchi-gallery

The above link is to my image at the Saatchi Gallery competition. If you wish to see the image, or vote for it, just click on the link.

Last night I spent three hours researching galleries in Montreal. Today my intention is to, finally, get to the appointment I have for a hip x-ray and to get my files in order in my studio.

So much of life is about the flow. The flow of circulation in the body, the flow of energy as we move, the flow of finding and sending out jpg files with the correct information attached. When I lose focus, the flow stops. It is only after a “pain” errupts that I notice that the maintenance necessary for qi has been disrupted. Slowly, slowly it gets better. Now I am aware of how much better my life is if I am aware of the ebbing of possibilities for growth, movement, going beyond. Two years ago it took a major scream before I heard life speak to me. Now I can hear the gruff voice growl before it becomes a scream.

The intention to keep life organized, to use that as a platform from which to launch off into the chaos and wildly unexpected possibilities of creativity is where I start each day. How to be patient with myself and with those around me who keep grinding over the same lessons much like my hip grinds on the nerve.

If life was a place where we have programmed learning until we go to the next level, then I am ready for moving out of these lessons…. these lessons of order, flow and patience and on to the next inevitable set of frustrations.

$300 18 x 24 Multi-media on canvas
$300 18 x 24 Multi-media on canvas

Trevisan, Energy Gallery, Unitarian Show: three new art exhibitions

The castle where the "Traces of Memory" show sill be held

The castle

One Woman Show by artist Cherie Hanson

Unitarian Fellowship 1310 Bertram Street

November and December

Viewing available to all who rent the space

Open to the public 11:45 to 12:30 Sundays.

#2 New Works are up at Energy Gallery and the lay out is great

#3 four pieces are off to Italy for the Trevisan “Traces of Memory” exhibition in Ferrar, Italy.

Energy Gallery juried show

I just received the information that all five of my submitted images made it onto the juried Energy Gallery site. The members of the gallery have strong, amazing work so I am very pleased. Hopefully the pay pal will be installed on site tomorrow and I can begin to load images into the other on line galleries that I am supposedly…. running. But seem to be running away from.

Tonight is the opening Kelowna Art Gallery Members Exhibition entitled Interplay between Self and Form. I am bone tired but have been reading my art marketing books and need to get out and expand my contacts.

Marketing, oh gossamer fairy of wealth and power, alight on my shoulder, whisper your magic to me, lift me beyond the pedestrian Monte Python Middle Ages stuck in the mud to my eyebrows mentality. I fly in the air. Everything is light…. see the light.

Hanging in the Church: Images of Europe

North End installs public art bench

“Reminiscence of Europe: Multi-media and photographic pictures of Rome, Florence, London, Paris.”

One Woman Show by artist Cherie Hanson

Unitarian Fellowship 1310 Bertram Street

November and December

Viewing available to all who rent the space

Open to the public 11:45 to 12:30 Sundays.

All images for sale. Just contact me.

My art work has arrived in Ferrar, Italy and Paola has received the information for the catalogue. The Traces of Memory Show will be in a beautiful castle and from everything I have read is very well publicized. How great it would be to be there with them and to get an opportunity to see Italy again.

But the reality of my life keeps me grounded here. Two major shows are coming up and I need to get together more portfolios for submissions in North America. The discipline is to keep “pitching”. Sometimes it is very hard to prepare a portfolio, to do the work of structuring a show which can take months then to have the portfolio return in less than a month. But the secret is to just keep putting the hook in the water. Sitting by the shore looking longingly at the fish doesn’t create a solution.

At the Rotary Centre, we will be holding a three day art show and sale with the Potters group. Bonnie, my downstairs neighbour, does weeks of work to prepare for this show which fills the hallways of the centre.

I attended the hearing for the Downtown Centre “development” which is backed by the group in town that basically sees economic advantage in the 80’s type growth that dictates tall buildings that do not conform to the look and feel of our beautiful heritage Bernard Avenue. It looks like an alien society, from another planet, landed a development space ship right on the water front.

The water front is rapidly becoming the “right” and domain of those who can afford a million dollar or more apartment. We are swimming against the stream of most of the rest of the enlighted world. Heritage, affordable housing and green building which allows the citizens free access to the natural beauty of the area is the only answer for keeping an environment that is economically attractive. I believe that the central problem is that many of these wall street groupies are so busy that they are not taking the opportunity to read books such as “Whose Your City” by Richard Florida or studies about the new solutions for old cities. Portland has learned so much by just creating a vision, committing to the vision and then devising solutions as they work their way through difficulties. The vertical ghost towns we are creating in a environment that is quite fragile portends an area that is in the long term not attractive for families, older people, bohemians and will be abandoned by the rich. They will simply move on to a city that more mindfully takes care of all of the elements that create a cultural and natural setting they find more admirable. It is inevitable.

City council has over 30 candidates all vying for spots. It is just too much work for most citizens here who don’t turn out in droves to vote. I mean they don’t turn out…. in droves. There is a feeling of lethargy among voters on both the Federal, Municipal and Civic scene. I guess we have to see a tank crossing our borders before we come to think about the borders. Right now, we are just thinking about Desperate Housewives or hockey. Perhaps if we faced the same risk when we vote that so many other citizens of foreign countries face…. we would wake up. After we voted my husband remarked. No one is waiting outside for us to check the stain on our thumbs and kill us for voting. That would get the populous’ attention, hey!

Kelowna Art Gallery Show and Livessence

After preparing for the Kelowna Art Gallery Show and Livessence’s Gift of Colour, I worked on some Christmas cards. Always, it seems like things take twice as long as anticipated to complete. My work tomorrow will be to begin to size and catalogue all of my jpgs and to make sure I have price tags up on all the works in my studio. I am still waiting to hear if I have a class to teach in Vernon yet.

Do check out the great job that in/ur magazine did on the article I wrote. It is a very smart looking on line mag that you can either read on line, or select certain pages to print out. Check it out:

garden sculpture with pumpkins