Making Money from your Blog

Wowee is my head spinning. Getting Christmas cards made for people, mailed after taking the time to put a personal note in them, getting ready for the big sale at the Rotary Centre on December 13th from 10 until 4 pm and making sure all Christmas presents are sent off in time is busy enough. After reading three marketing books I see that I should be doing three months worth of work on my web site just to bring it up to snuffles.

So much to learn about marketing. I have begun to accept invitations that are kindly extended to me. So much of my life has been about working furiously hard on something that will benefit others, then withdrawing. “My Script” has been to prove that I am not selfish. And guess what, In If the Buddha Were Stuck that I just finished reading, the Buddhist psychotherapist points out that by attaching to not being a certain way, we attach to being a certain way. Therefore to take action either because you wish to prove that you are NOT selfish or to BE selfish are both ways of keeping the concept in your life.

In addition, I have joined many groups on Facebook that are networking possibilities. One amazing email came to me from an Oregon artist who is sitting in the Castle in Ferrar, Italy looking at the four pieces of my art work that have been put up for display. I can’t be there, but through the internet, I have met a woman from my state of birth who is in attendance. Reaching out is expanding my world.
I am sure that more opportunities will come to me as I move along the path. So often our vision is near sighted when we start a new adventure.

Hence, learning about marketing and making my blog more influential is not something I am attaching to. I am just gently learning. The lessons are available in many books and can be daunting. Language, terminology, links, tags…..
The main lesson that I am happily learning now is the happily part. If I enjoy writing my blog as well as doing art and working in community groups, then all is well.
I will learn. Over time. It is not like learning to drive standard… oh don’t get me started on that “road block”.