Should we buy Christmas gifts?

The anxiety over the economy and the falling of a pox upon all of our heads both literally (H1N1) and figuratively has many people contemplating the end of life as we know it. The demise of the earth through the catastrophe of climate change is almost a pleasant alternative to suddenly coughing and then dying in a “Love Story” type movie scenario painted by media. Distrust is growing of  leaders in the areas of food production and other societal concerns such as, “Where the hell is my job?”

handmade black crochet and macrame purse

handmade black crochet and macrame purse

So with those issues firmly in mind, we head out to our cars to purchase some nice articles made in China that (we are recently told) are lowering our male’s sperm counts, poisoning our babies and altering us in ways not even capable of being analyzed as yet. Credit card? Who is going to use a credit card when it is for many people the rubber raft on a possibly sinking ship. Perhaps tug boat would be a more appropriate metaphor. If all else fails, shove off in your mastercard or climb into your visa to keep you from going under immediately. To live to regret another day, is always an option.

embossed black and blue roses

embossed black and blue roses

We have discovered that our Christmas present will be the replacement of the electrical service to the house because we have to meet new stipulations…. and we weren’t informed until our insurance was four days from the deadline for renewal. Such a nice surprise in our Christmas socks. But you know what? It would have had to be done one day. We can winge and wring our brows, our hands, our lips. What does that do? So our Christmas is pretty much decided.

even the sewers of Paris have Art Deco beauty

even the sewers of Paris have Art Deco beauty

Others are looking around for something more meaningful than the recently traditional experience. A suggestion that I can offer is now is the time to buy experience.

Kelowna is full of artists and artisans and crafter who can make a beautiful hand-made gift that is special. Most of us who work in the arts are willing to do commissions for our clients.

How about buying a class for someone? The Potters Addict in the Rotary Centre has classes for children.

I offer classes through UBC-O and private classes in my studio.

Instead of spending money on a cheaply made mass manufactured one of thousands item, you can buy something very special this year. Because your money matters and has to go a long way, buying local contributes to the economy, saves the environment and gives the recipient something very personal.

Think about it. This Christmas can be special. And you can keep your credit card as the rope ladder to throw out the window, should the need arise. We all need insurance, hey?

Toasters, glass bowls and other nonsense

helping hand

As I was researching an article for alternative Christmas presents, I hit the jackpot. Global Giving allows a person to select projects from around the world as a wonderful gift of love.

My daughter bought a tree in Africa in my name last year and I was moved to tears to read what a difference it could make to this drought ridden village to have some trees for use as fencing, to make some simple tools. I also purchased a goat for Christmas and hung the little goat card on our tree. How many times that year did I say, “We have a goat on our Christmas tree”? I am sure my husband remembers.

The great and wonderful aspect of the global village site is under the menu heading closest to the goal. Here is where a project that is only $1000 or less away from completion can entice those who like to see a result in some form of feedback for the work they do. Some projects are so close to being achieved that just a few people giving $10 each could make it happen.

What a great way to make yourself feel warm and connected in this big, cold wintering world. If you are tired of the nonsense of Christmas, go to