When is Enough Enough in Art

How do you know when you are finished? So often people ask me this question. I think it might be because my work is so bold and vibrant. They are basically curious as to what the top is as in going over the top.

taking risks

taking risks

It reminds me of a more pure and direct question that was asked of me once in a Korean restauarant in Victoria. I was marking provincial exams and alone. After the hours of reading truly puzzling and frustrating prose, I needed something to wake me up and clear my mind.

local library windows

local library windows

I headed to a Korean restaurant and ordered hot and sour soup. “How hot do you like?” the waiter asked. I said ,”Give it to me. I like hot.” He went into the kitchen. A puzzled cook came out to check if this was true. Did I, a middle class white woman eating alone want the hot, hot soup. He seemed concerned and obviously didn’t want to take any responsibility for whatever my reaction might be. I felt as if I should sign a voucher so there would be a legal record.

believe nothing but your own heart

believe nothing but your own heart

When I lovingly sipped the soup, I looked up to see two waiters, the cook and the owner of the restaurant all staring at me. “Do you like it?” the owner asked me.

“Oh yes,” I replied, “it is wonderful.”

They spoke together and one waiter leaned forward slightly. “How did you get like that?” he asked.

cd cover design

cd cover design

And that, I think is what most people mean when they ask how I know when a piece is done. How did I get so intense and brave? What is over the top or a stopping point for someone who works in a magically technical world?

“I know when it is done”, I tell them, “because I feel it in my body.” How strange that it is never the response they expect.

Trevisan, Energy Gallery, Unitarian Show: three new art exhibitions

The castle where the "Traces of Memory" show sill be held

The castle

One Woman Show by artist Cherie Hanson

Unitarian Fellowship 1310 Bertram Street

November and December

Viewing available to all who rent the space

Open to the public 11:45 to 12:30 Sundays.

#2 New Works are up at Energy Gallery and the lay out is great http://www.energygallery.com

#3 four pieces are off to Italy for the Trevisan “Traces of Memory” exhibition in Ferrar, Italy.http://www.trevisanarte.com/eventi-eng.htm