Trevisan, Energy Gallery, Unitarian Show: three new art exhibitions

The castle where the "Traces of Memory" show sill be held

The castle

One Woman Show by artist Cherie Hanson

Unitarian Fellowship 1310 Bertram Street

November and December

Viewing available to all who rent the space

Open to the public 11:45 to 12:30 Sundays.

#2 New Works are up at Energy Gallery and the lay out is great

#3 four pieces are off to Italy for the Trevisan “Traces of Memory” exhibition in Ferrar, Italy.

Pink and Gold day

36 x 36 square multi-media $850

You are Cordially Invited

What:            Cherie Hanson’s One Woman Show

“Study in Transposition“, multimedia, digital

When:    7 to 9 pm August 28 opening reception

Show runs until September 27

Where:       Summerland Art Gallery at 9533 Main

Open until 4 pm.

Only a short while until I am taking the show down from the Summerland Art Gallery.  Hopefully, the show will be well attended and many local art fans will get the opportunity to see something that is strikingly new and different from other regional works.

Today I send off the list of images to travel to Italy and begin working on the ultra large piece that I am doing to put into a large, contemporary home. The adventure continues.