Vicious Toast and Weak Sunshine

I am turning a corner; shifting gears; flipping a leaf, a finger; snarling at my own snarling; stepping up; pushing the inertia; daring to hope; planting the seeds; tired of the tired; yearning for change. It is the cusp, the edge, the definitive line dot dot dot tear along here, the boundary of a new country, reality, dimension, brane of existence.

Weak sun whispers promises

Weak sun whispers promises

The breath in for so many days has not connected to vibrancy. It has been about clearing, clearing, clearing. It is like an existential Japanese movie wherein the sand just keeps flooding in. The sand of gritty thoughts. The best I could hope for was stillness.
Every day I would begin again and the wind would rise around 10 am and bring more sand. Clogging up the works. Obscuring the vision. Choking off the fresh air expanding sweep of possibilities.
But today, there is weak sun outside. It teases and seduces. It touches the black trees and if one looks closely cups the budding baby leaves.
I have done well are refusing to walk down the alleyway’s dark back of thought structured buildings and stayed on the sunny side of the street. I walked there even in the rain, the atmospheric gray down to the ankles of winter. I stayed there knowing that there would be sun on my back eventually.


where am I
On Thursday I broke a front tooth on a piece of toast. My first thought was it isn’t even darkly baked toast. I removed the fragment and looked at it in my hand.
Because of my training, I took my thoughts immediately to the sunny side and said, “You have all of your teeth. You can still chew. It isn’t big. It isn’t painful.” I continued on with the plotting of possibly disastrous alternatives. But a piece of me had fallen off.
The drama queen voice played its dialogue. “What do you expect. You have lived a long time. You will fall apart. Things will fail.” I could feel the ego witch searching around for other things to add to the list. This would be a great time to list every single fall from the perfection of a new born body. Oh, she wanted to go there. She was pulling hard at me the ego witch.



And then I decided. “It is fine. The dentist will repair your tooth. You will continue to write your book. You will continue to eat well, sleep well, draw opportunities to you. And one thing I can damn well guarantee you, you will grow. Because, “my beautiful Empress parent said to me, “because I got this.”
And then I just looked out the window at the weak first attempts at Spring and shut up.


THE FENG SHUI series is one of my favorite. The large and bold pieces are also subtle.

Pearlescent paint, glass bead, India Ink and acrylic paint create movement both across the surface and a shifting of planes.
Most of the pieces are 80 inches long and 24 inches wide.

80 inches by 24 inches fire $1,900 original piece canvas/glass bead and acrylic on stretcher frame

Want an art class in October?

I offer two classes in the next two weeks. The course in Vernon is one of the very few that teenagers can take to get guidance for their poetic expression. This workshop is fun for young adults to explore through their love of color.

Vernon Community Arts Council, 2704A Hwy 6, Vernon, B.C. 250-542-6243

Saturday, October 17th, 10 – 2, Writing Colorful Poetry ( 13- 17 years)$ 80

The next class offered in Kelowna is a great opportunity for parents, grandparents and kids to have some fun together making scrap book greeting cards. A great BONDING experience.

Rotary Centre for the Arts Course Studio 205, 421 Cawston Avenue.

Wednesday, October 21st, 6:30 to 8 pm. Making handmade greeting cards: Get inspired

to make something unique

that speaks from who you are.

Make a gift of your talent. For children and adults together. Family fun. $45 includes material’s fee.

A photo that was altered into a "carpet" of color

A photo that was altered into a

In addition I have a show of my newer works on display in the mezzanine of the Rotary Centre for the Arts throughout October.

Green Light

Green Light

All of these pieces are for sale and fit an office or a very modern urban environment to liven it up and give the space warmth.

Red Swirl next to Construct/ Destruct

Red Swirl next to Construct/ Destruct

I finished my TESOL certification this weekend and can now really focus on my art for a while. This Saturday we have WAM

Cameron plays that night and I will be in my studio working on my new project: OPEN THE DOOR. Stay tuned for these new pieces.

When does an artist know he or she is “making progress?” Is the sight where I have entered and had accepted my January Stroll project. While I frequently feel that I am not moving forward, am not making the kind of money that I need to finance my career, what I can point to is the fact that I am getting my work into more shows. This year alone I have had works shown in juried shows in Chicago; Ferrar, Italy; Toronto and the newest is the Stroll project in Berkeley, California.

I read a wonderful art blog which I wish I had remembered and could link you to right here. The artist said, basically, that you work on your technique, you work on your voice and then make attempts to get your work out of your studio in any manner that you can. The secret is NOT to attach to the outcome. As Pema Chondra says, “Keep your seat.” Fall off of your central, balanced point neither on the side of depression or of reactive elation. It makes sense in the artistic process as well.

How does one keep in the flow, in the connectedness to self if one turns over the feelings of proper actions to others? You become a puppet just waiting for your strings to be pulled one way or another.

What others can do for you, is feed back the feelings and associations that they have as they interact with your art. I have learned how people feel the energy dance in my work and the joyous, alive feeling that they get from my work. It changes my self-concept. I have often thought of myself as guarded. Frequently, I pull back because I feel as if my life force is too much, too energetic, too colorful.

Now I have learned to work my art until it gets to that central place where “the furnace” lies. It is the force that fires my life. It is the force that has turned me aside from possible destructive behaviours, that has kept me dancing to my own tune.

Yes, of course I want people to throw themselves into my arms weeping over the beauty of my vision and while they are clasping me close to their hearts, shove thousands of dollars into my pockets. We all want to  be loved, accepted and validated. We all want power. And what I am coming to realize is that I am quite ambitious. However, I am also a warrior. I am ambitious to create beauty, to attract riches and to leave a trail of kindness behind me. Life is NOT a battle except with the self.

If one can live in a way that is about being self without feeling that one has to protect oneself… then there is no hooking into others’ reactions. Unless, of course, they are positive. I’ll take thousands of dollars and expressions of praise… but I am not hungry for them. I feed myself.

The art of living is about living artfully. We all do that in differing ways. Some create art. Others create a beautiful life. Blessings on all who go into the world with intention and a calm heart.

Waiting for spring and flowers

Waiting for spring and flowers

Upcoming exhibits and monthly art crawl

zephyr moons


There are a lot of things happening in my life. Art shows are coming up. Pieces are selling. I am moving into the multi-media, non representational, abstract geometric realm with gusto. Several years of secretly working these images has given me the confidence to start putting them out there. The images originate from my childhood when I would close my eyes when hearing music and see shapes and colors dancing. Now they dance for all to see.







You are invited to the following local exhibits by artist Cherie Hanson, Studio 205.


From April until October the Artists@Work group invites the public to the First Thursday Art Crawl at the Rotary Centre for the Arts, 421 Cawston Avenue, Kelowna, B.C. from 4 pm until 7 pm the first Thursday of each of the six months from April until October. Free Food, music and a chance to visit with the participating artists makes this a must-attend event.


July 1, 7 pm to 8:30 pm Opening reception for “Retrospective: A Second Life,” one woman show in Rotary Centre for the Arts Galleria and Atrium, 421 Cawston Avenue, Kelowna, B.C.


August 28 – September 27,Study in Transposition,” multi-media/digital abstract art. Summerland Art Gallery, 9533 Main Street, Summerland. B.C. The gallery is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 am – 4 pm. Sunday from 1:00 pm – 4 pm. Opening reception to be announced.
The definition for Abstract art is art that departs significantly from natural appearances. Forms are modified or changed to varying degrees in order to emphasize certain qualities or content. Recognizable references to original appearances may be slight. The term is also used to describe art that is nonrepresentational. Artist Cherie Hanson begins with a photograph that holds meaning for her and abstracts it. The resulting image is bold, colorful and visually intense. Foreground, mid ground and background shifts as well as movement on the surface of the image create images which “dance on canvas”.


September, 2008, Bean Scene North, “Rivers of Europe,” Giclee/multi-media photography of the artist’s visit to Florence, Rome, London and Paris. A series of large images taken in winter 2007 of the Seine, Arno, Tiber and Thames.


“What a society deems important is enshrined in its art”
Harry Broudy

“By enriching every aspect of life, the arts contribute to the quality of life in every community.” David R. Goode


Chairman, President
Norfolk Southern Corporation