Kelowna Artist Teaches Continuing Studies

Preparing for my classes for UBC-O Continuing studies is opening up options for me. There is talk about being on a local panel for an internet conference. Over 25 years of teaching makes a person very flexible. What is really fun is to take on a subject which is adjacent to work that I have already done but there is a necessity for filling in information. References, research and expanding my knowledge is exciting and also pushes me to be more flexible.

Tiber River

Tiber River

I created a travel journal on the site when I was in Europe for an art show in Florence, Italy. Friends and family followed me daily and had a way of feeling closely connected.

Many of the works that I created for Europe were absolutely perfect for the sophisticated european spaces. The sleek and minimalist interiors are perfect settings for me work. Winning a jury prize was an unexpected bonus for being part of the exhibition.

I will have my studio created by the end of July and have beautiful abstract, mixed media pieces for viewing and for sale.

Trevisan, Energy Gallery, Unitarian Show: three new art exhibitions

The castle where the "Traces of Memory" show sill be held

The castle

One Woman Show by artist Cherie Hanson

Unitarian Fellowship 1310 Bertram Street

November and December

Viewing available to all who rent the space

Open to the public 11:45 to 12:30 Sundays.

#2 New Works are up at Energy Gallery and the lay out is great

#3 four pieces are off to Italy for the Trevisan “Traces of Memory” exhibition in Ferrar, Italy.

Christmas Shows Kelowna’s Cultural Core

1. Ars Longa: nine person show

Art Exhibition and Sale

355 Cornish Road, Kelowna, B.C.

October 25th from 7 to 10 pm

Friday 24th, 12 to 6

Saturday 25th 10 to 5 pm

Sunday October 26 10 to 5 pm

2. “Reminiscence of Europe: Multi-media and photographic pictures of Rome, Florence, London, Paris.”

One Woman Show by artist Cherie Hanson

Unitarian Fellowship 1310 Bertram Street

November and December

Viewing available to all who rent the space

Open to the public 11:45 to 12:30 Sundays.

All images for sale. Just contact me.

3. Potters and Artisans 18th Annual Christmas Show and Sale

High Quality arts and crafts, gifts for every occasion

November 7, 8, 9. at the Rotary Centre for the Arts.

421 Cawston Avenue, Kelowna. B.C.

Friday 5-9, Saturday 10-8 and Sun. 9:30-4:30.

4. Livessence; A gift of color

November 14th and 15th in the Rotary Centre for the Arts Atrium

colorful drawings and paintings from figurative artist members of Livessence.

5. Salon Refuse

November 1st

Presented by the Artists@Work group of resident artists

Rotary Centre for the Arts.

Great place and time to pick up gifts of art at a new, lower price.

6. “Off the Wall” art extravaganza

November 7, 7:30 – 10 pm

Food, champagne, live entertainment $100 for two people

art sale fun-raiser for the Summerland Art Gallery

Mainstreet, Summerland


Gray Globe

7. Gallerie Diamante

On line Auction

33 artist/50 works of art

You don’t have to go 100 miles to find spectacular gifts of art.

Art Walk Winfield, B.C.

Images of Thames and Arno Rivers

What an incredibly well-attended and managed show this is. Sharon McCoubrey and her hardy group of volunteers organize an event with over 300 artists and 2000 pieces of art. Local galleries, individual artists and local musicians provide an amazing weekend of appealing to the senses. The cost to get in is minimal and the opportunity for children to create art, talk to artists and hear great performers is rich.Pitti Palace and Rome

Another benefit of this wonderful show is that it is the one place that artists in the valley can get together to see new work, to talk with one another, to exchange ideas and network.

The crowds started immediately. Lines had formed before opening at 10 am and there were people still drifting around after the official closing.Top image is from Paris and bottom from Pitti Palace in Florence

I cursed when I saw the cheesecake man. Damn, I said to myself. He has heavenly gluten free cheese cake and I have to have it. There goes my diet/fitness pledge. The only problem is that my eyes are rolled back and I am totally dedicated to sucking the sugar off of the fork while I am eating it. Makes it hard to communicate with the art-tourists who are coming by.

We finally got my screen working so people can see some of the pictures that I shot in Europe. Today the sun is shining. The people will be there and maybe….maybe even some gluten free cheese cake.images of europe