The spam read that the poor challenged male who was ashamed of the size, perhaps configuration of his member ( Oh No. That would be aesthetics and not a marketable quality to the men targeted by this ad). Now, this unfortunate man can simple patch on, putty up, wrap around, take a pill, rub cream in his arm pits or some other mysterious rite that involves the exchange of money for blighted dreams, now this man can let the myriad women who “want to” give him what all males’ crave, the women are begging him… but NO! He won’t let them because he is A Sham Bed.

With this cream, pump, pill, he can now be a beneficent individual and allow all of these women to fulfill the female desire to give him pleasure. I have received this email.

We are truly on the cusp of the end of the road we have been traveling. The marketing is delusional, fantastic, warped and as in touch with reality as a satellite is with the surface of the earth. Oh, up there somewhere, floating are people who actually invest in the distorted world of commercialism. It must be successful on some plane of reality which I don’t even want to know about, let alone get an email about boarding.

Today the sun shone. I walked along a street I have driven hundreds of times and actually saw the trees and lush plantings. Sometimes a loss is a door into a new place. Slower movement, more exercise, more contact with the environment.

Oh when can we get a car?

If emails had smell, spam would stink and then we would know not to open them. Just throw them in the garbage.

rainwater on the white iris glisten in sun

Watch Dying

This graphic image of a burst of golden light printed on canvas

Is it defunct or only


my watch?

I stopped following it

when the arms

rested at four.

A.M.? or P.M?

Am I bound in early light

or waiting for supper time?

Acknowledging that all things

eventually leave off,



attachment to this

Life thing.

The uncertainty of cause

Is the battery dead,

the mechanisms tired?

Perhaps, it is not over

but only resting,

a pause

from overloading


We are doing too much. It is interesting to watch the movement through time. Like aerialists we are managing to catch the bar and one another but the problem of physical exhaustion arises. When is too long in the air a danger or a fatal error. We play the game of over extention that we are taught is necessary for survival in the culture of clutching. Perhaps, it would be easier to let go of the objects that we tend to tend and just spend more time on the ground.

Today I have three deadlines to meet. I am learning to live without a car but I am so attached to it that it is a cause of actual grief to not be able to move into traffic, transverse the city, go to the thrift shop haunts. It is interesting to observe myself dealing with this uncomfortable place.

I am, however, getting a chance to see the two of us as a team working together to overcome our debt load. Every hour and every dollar count. Everything we don’t buy is more of a resource. Paying “the man” over $700 a month in interest is insane and we want out of this situation. Going without a car and having to pay the load off on a phantom object is quite an experience but in reality no different than what we already do. We are paying for many phantom objects.

You cannot keep up with the dreams, the hunger, the lists, the projects that the mind generates. And trying to keep up just exhausts you. When Thich Nat Hahn says that an individual and a couple need a strategy for living, he is dead on. One must have a mission statement and stick to the path. There are so many excuses that I can make up from veering from that which I know full well is in my best interest, my families best interest and the societies best interest. And it is not buying more crap, eating more crap, indulging in crappy entertainment because I feel disoriented from buying and eating crap. Observing self is entertainment enough and has all of the comedy, horror and suspense that you need for a really thrilling ride.

Today I will remove the watch from my wrist that hasn’t worked for over a week. Some days I even wore the stalled watch upside down on my arm. Funny?

Perhaps No Title is the Best Title


The link above is to the painting I did as a pseudo Chagall for Gallery Vertigo in their Almost Famous exhibition. I will be doing another this year. The submission for Art Walk is done and will fly off tomorrow. How many times can a program seize up, shut down, stall out and generally be an especially effective teacher of patience. And I didn’t have to pay MORE for the system that teaches me patience. What an excellent deal.

Once again I have laid out for myself herculean tasks which no sane person could accomplish. My hopes are that I get a chance to mow the lawn before darkness falls. The push mower is so good for my arms.

Today’s Courier had three very interesting images above the mast head. On the left were depicted fit, competitive, intensely focussed women athletes in a bicyle race, in the centre two women are ecstatically, orgasmically happy about the beer that they are holding in their hands for an upcoming beer festival and, finally, the third has the images of the Sex in the City cast looking horse-faced, spicey and ready for either shopping or coitus whichever opportunity is first extended. Such a wonderful summary of our cultural “take” on women. We see women grimly vying for some sports prize in the section of the paper that Canadian’s love to view as they sling themselves into a couch. We see women as consumers of alcoholic delight, just bursting their buttons over the chance to have a beer like the men do. And we see women who are involved in either being consumed or consuming. Where does Hillary fit in the picture? Probably as the competitor of the greatest ferocity.

There was one woman working on the bridge and her photograph appeared on three occasions that I can recall.

Hey, out there. Are you drawing any conclusions about the use of the female icon? Where do you or I, uncompetitive, unfit, unguzzling, unvampish women, fit into the mirror of the media?

Monday, Bridge Opening Ceremony behind us.

The flowers provide a path


Always a point of reentry

the re try

the terminus of all that passed

We begin.

Co-ordinating calendars

flipping pages to see

what lives we have scheduled.

We try to reconcile our pace

like two oxen

neither pulling the other

off the road

too far by Friday.

Intermittent rain coming down today and the lupin are gloriously blocking the walk way up to the house. They create a gauntlet of beauty. I look from side to side and thank them as I descend from the steps. A floral yielding as we walk. Cameron finds it annoying, the journey through underbrush.

The Rotary Auction went well and both pieces sold so both the club and I made some money. Beautiful editorial in the paper by the associate Dean of Arts at Okanagan College, Stan Chung,  summarized a great deal of what I have been following as the implementation of Urban development to create livable spaces. It was excellent to see the ideas presented together and the tone is not one of chastisement or bitterness but rather factual and optimistic. Excellent.

The images of the throngs crushing together to cross the bridge raise in me a desire to continue to stay out of throngs. On the day the bridge opened, I was the first one to use a pitch fork and clear out a dandelion patch in my backyard. The flowers and plants watched in amazement. Birds overhead flew back and forth collecting the images on their retinas. There was a general sense of occasion and a swelling of the wind to applaud my efforts. I came in under anticipated time for completing the project and fully expect that the problem is now permanently solved. Henceforth, there will be no more dandelions in my backyard. Yeah!

Lobster dinner tonight

We head off hopeful that my art will get a bid that will contribute to the Rotary Club and give us some money. I have worked all week on images for Art Walk and will finish that on Monday. Both of us are dead tired and ready for the sweet life not the sweat life to begin.

This is a treated image of the Vienneze Hapsburg Castle in Winter

Class in Poetry Writing for Adults, Find Your Voice

308h- 308h Creative Writing & Poetry for Adults May 29, 2008 – May 29, 2008
Contact www.rotarycentreforthearts.com
Find your voice! Talk to yourself! Make a statement! Come and play. Try out this class in fun, fanciful expressions of your observations about life. This is not a class in old-fashioned, galloping, rhymed poetry but rather learning a way to paint with words. Free and easy exploration of images, word pictures and having fun with sound is the aim. Class rules are that there is no criticism, only exploration. Instructor has graduate work in creative writing and taught for over 20 years.
Class size limited to 6 people.

Rotary Lobster Dinner

On March 24th the Rotary Club of Kelowna Ogopogo hosts its 11th annual Lobster Dinner and Silent Auction at the Parkinson Recreation Centre.

“It has become a must attend, and once again the 350 tickets to the dinner, dance and auction are being snapped up. The primary recipient of funds raised at this year’s dinner and auction is the new Centre for Learning at Okanagan College in Kelowna.

‘The object of Rotary is to advance understanding, goodwill and peace through supporting education and promoting ethics and leadership, among other things,’ said Paul Maarschalk, president of the Ogopogo Rotary Club. ‘The Centre for Learning supports all those objectives, and we think it’s a project that will benefit the whole community.’

In addition to the dinner and auction, there will also be live entertainment, including the night’s emcee, Robert Fine, Kelowna’s economic development officer by day, and entertainer by night.

“This event is always a lot of fun,” said Fine, an Ogopogo Rotary Club member.”

Kelowna Capital News Report quoted above.Picture for sale at Rotary Charity Lobster dinner

I will have two of my large pieces for auction and present a short discussion of my process at this wonderful charity event. It is an amazing opportunity to contribute to the community.

New Work on Red Bubble

Rain like a car wash.

We are sitting in the

two windowed



flowing rain

The air so still

muggy after heat.

We could grow moss

if we don’t

start moving


I put up more art and a poem on my Red Bubble Site. The stats for Red Bubble activity are about 40,000 hits a day. Perhaps focusing my attention there might bring in more sales for my work. Teaching myself how to use the internet to generate sales is a slow climb. Come the tipping point, I feel sure that activity will suddenly increase.

Meanwhile, I continue to create art and write poetry. Mostly because it is a passion and keeps me excited about life.Tee Shirt of 1920\'s beautybeauty from cover of sheet music

Body and Soul

We worked very hard all day yesterday on the Shantidiva Centre in Rutland getting the old retaining wall out, shoveling dirt and putting in a new sprinkling system. Two friends had a large percentage of the destruction done and had the lawn mowed. I killed my weedeater trimming up the edges. That little handy dandy removeable cap decided to remove itself once and for all. The Home Depot did not have a replacement cap. Because it takes me two or three years to kill a weed eater, the replacement parts are never available.

Cameron suggests that when we buy a new one we purchase the parts that I tend to destroy at the same time. So there is the solution. If I were psychic.

Today we will get the rest of the wall done, Cameron has to go shopping with someone who is hiring him to build another good neighbours love walls project.

I have designs to work on, an art show to enter. Last night we watched The Golden Compass. Strange how relatively sophisticated people…. I said relatively…. love good CGI however, there has to be a way to connect with the characters. Tech and heart are very necessary.

Nicole Kidman has always been fairly scary for me so she was great in the part. It was good to see her with some flesh on her bones, as well. Pregnancy made her look almost like a three dimensional woman and not a paperdoll, flat image.

Well, we are off to work on some walls. Hope we don’t have rain.Tulips are almost gone