Step by Step: How does the future unfold?

Today I worked more on getting the patio area outside my studio ready. I dug up the weeds, moved old wood, picked out the stones and laid out the big jig saw pattern. The handyman is coming next week to put in the last windows, make a plywood wall for behind the counter and then I can lay the entire studio out for work.

Hopefully a former student is coming to visit and look at my art.

Because it is 90 degrees out I am taking a break from working in the sun. Listening to Wayne Dyer under the air conditioning and drinking bubbly water is great. When it grows cooler, I will go out and finish laying the patio. It feels so good to get the back yard in order so that I can have a calmer life.

night sky image

night sky image

Next I am writing a poetry book from my old journals and making some applications for schools. Opening up to the wonderful possibilties in life. What a journey.

Creating Opens the Doors

The question of what next, where next and how to be keeps arising in our lives.

I do know that by creating, a path makes itself visible.

One step at a time. One idea at a time. What most drives me these days is finding my tribe.

Where are the people that “get me” and encourage me?

Recently I have discovered that many of them have been around me all the time.

I have just kept them at a distance.

Submitting for schools, jobs, considering places is easier when you have those around you who believe in your intelligence and talent. I am very lucky to have that support group.

Kelowna Artist Teaches Continuing Studies

Preparing for my classes for UBC-O Continuing studies is opening up options for me. There is talk about being on a local panel for an internet conference. Over 25 years of teaching makes a person very flexible. What is really fun is to take on a subject which is adjacent to work that I have already done but there is a necessity for filling in information. References, research and expanding my knowledge is exciting and also pushes me to be more flexible.

Tiber River

Tiber River

I created a travel journal on the site when I was in Europe for an art show in Florence, Italy. Friends and family followed me daily and had a way of feeling closely connected.

Many of the works that I created for Europe were absolutely perfect for the sophisticated european spaces. The sleek and minimalist interiors are perfect settings for me work. Winning a jury prize was an unexpected bonus for being part of the exhibition.

I will have my studio created by the end of July and have beautiful abstract, mixed media pieces for viewing and for sale.

What is Worth It?

Time, effort, heart’s energy are all something we bring to our lives. The question arises about value. Which people, projects, creations are worth the energy we expend. Getting the focus is a journey.

To be valued is what each person’s heart yearns for. To share a life of experiences with another heart, a witness to that which we do. The successes and failure of every day effort are easier to assess and to recover from when there is a receiving heart, arms, shoulder. Why people choose to isolate themselves, to shun connectedness is a question we are dealing with in contemporary society.

While Facebook provided me with human contact during my period of grieving and injury since January, it also made it easier not to go out the door.

The loneliness of losing a mate whether it be from death, or a type of illness is undescribeable and particularly harsh in today’s world. My parents are dead, everyone is extremely busy with his or her own life and the distance that Canadian people keep from one another is enough to send my Spanish homestay students into fetal depression.

So the plan to prepare for classes and after that to seek out company is stage two of this marriage collapse. The first months were spent well… just feeling the pain. Now I am getting back some of my interest in life by working images and by doing research for my classes.

I have dressed in a coral lace sheath to go to Chapters and read. I have put on a tiered, flouncy floor length skirt to go buy milk at the grocery store. Dressing in green knee length flowered chiffon boosted my spirits to go to recycling. Every venture out is a dress up party. Even mowing the lawn, I am wearing my Betsy Johnson embroidered black corduroy mini skirt. The ICU retreat is over. My ship is under sail.

Prince Charming not a frog

Prince Charming not a frog